A Season Premiere, Noggin Assault, And Gobs Of Miscellaneous Brain Barf


In case anyone missed it, the season premiere of The Walking Dead was AWESOME!  Totally exciting and intense and such.  It was almost like Christmas to see Darryl and Glenn and Michonne and Rick and Maggie and everyone else kicking ass once again.  I cannot wait til the next episode!  I must admit, I like that new Z Nation show and all, but it is no Walking Dead.  I am intrigued by the episode I am watching though.  It was on, like, a week ago, and I dvr’d it, but totally forgot to watch it until now.  Apparently it involves a tornado, kind of like a small-scale version of Sharknado, except with zombies.  Which sounds both amusing and rather bad-ass at the same time.  But still, it can never be as awesome as The Walking Dead.

So, my poor noggin has had a rough couple days.  I had the stupid cyst thingy removed Tuesday, and have been pretty much miserable since.  My head is throbbing and burny, kind of like when you forget there is a cupboard door open and you stand up and wang the top of your head against the bottom corner, which hurts like a bitch and makes you use most of the curse words you know, and some you make up while holding the top of your head and making the ‘Holy shit that hurt!’ face.  Yeah, it’s like that, except it doesn’t ever frickin’ stop.  It was WAY less traumatic this time though, the whole removal bit that is.  Last time I had to lay on my stomach with a sheet over my head and told not to move, even when blood was literally pouring down my face.  It may not sound that bad, but it freaked me the fuck out.  To be in semi-darkness, unable to move while blood runs down your face and pools on your hands (which are folded under your chin as instructed)–trust me folks, it is seriously freaky.  This time though, my nifty Dermatologist fella had me sit up and he didn’t put anything over my face and they did some cauterization thingy so there wasn’t blood soaking my face or hair!  (seriously y’all, last time I left that doctor’s office looking disturbingly like the chick in Carrie after the bucket of blood incident.  My hair was literally dripping with it and my face was completely covered!  I could have caused serious psychological damage to any children who would have seen me looking like that!)  It was uber bizarre to hear them rooting around up there, and a little bit freaky, but still way better than last time.  I honestly don’t remember if it hurt like this last time, but I don’t think it did.  Probably because this time they had to remove the scar tissue from last time as well as remove the dumb cyst thing and stitch everything up and all that.  I do so hate the fact that I have to wear a bandage thingy wrapped around my head.  Makes me feel like one of those old movie characters with the toothache wrap thingy going. 

At least I don’t have the big bow thing going on the top I guess.  But still, feels ridiculous.  And the damn thing will not stay!  Keeps slipping forward or backward and it’s driving me bat-shit!  Thank god I get to stop wearing it soon!

Randomosity:  I’m super excited to see Dany’s dance thingy this weekend!  She is so adorable!  I hope she likes the little gifts I have for her.  I must say, this Z Nation show does make me laugh an awful lot.  Especially the Doc guy–he is quite amusing.  I don’t know if I’ll order anything from Walmart.com again any time soon.  When I placed the order, it said my site to store order would arrive in, like, 3 days.  Now it’s saying my order will arrive by NEXT WEEK!  WTH?  And one of my order things was just photo prints, for crying in the sink!  It’s not that I actually mind waiting a week or whatever, it’s just that they gave one time line during order process, then completely disregarded it once I had placed my order.  Just be honest, for fuck’s sake! Why do people just stand and stare for so long when things go to shit?  They stand there, wasting precious escape time, just gawking at the impending disaster.  I like the KFC commercial with all the different sorts of folks passing around a bucket of KFC and that great old hippie tune about smiling on your brother and loving one another is playing.  It’s hokey, but it’s sweet.  Oh, and the Geiko commercial with the football player celebrating the fact that it’s his turn at the meat counter and he’s going to get some cold cuts–makes me giggle every time.  I won’t get to visit my niece this month after all.  But I will still Skype with her every week, and that will just have to be good enough for now.  I miss my girls though.  Does anyone else find it disturbing, and a bit trashy, that 99% of Halloween costumes available for females are slutty?  When did this become the thing to do?  I, for one, do not want my ass hanging out of some ridiculously short skirt.  Trust me, no one wants to see that.  Besides, it’s October–it’s too fucking cold to be prancing around with barely any material covering me!  What is wrong with everybody?  Why on earth do all these females think it’s sexy to dress like costumed strippers/hookers?  I’ll pass, thanks.  I’m glad that my little buddy, Tien, appears to dig his birthday presents.  He’s five now, and he will happily tell anyone who will listen.  He cracks me up.  Damn my head hurts.  Never fear though, I will survive, lol.  I think, if I have enough money this week, I will ask if Caron and Dany want to grab dinner somewhere after the dance thing.  I really need a hair cut.  And I really really want to get it dyed again soon.  I hope the kitten that came to visit us on the porch tonight finds his way home.  I totally wanted to bring him inside and spoil him and keep him safe until we could find his owners.  Unfortunately, not only would my cat not dig this idea, my allergies didn’t think it was a great idea either.  I am such a bleeding heart.  It killed me to leave the little guy out there, regardless of the fact that he wasn’t a tiny kitten, more along the adolescent kitten lines, or the fact that he has obviously not been missing any meals lately and is rather healthy looking actually.  Still about made me cry.  I think it’s hilarious when you see dudes drinking those silly-looking little coffees in the tiny cups with all the fancy foam and such.  Actually, I think most folks look rather silly drinking those.  My three favorite lines currently: “Knock knock motherfucker” (the Bloggess is my hero), “Bazinga” (I know it’s an older one, but Sheldon’s still amusing as hell), and “We’re friends of the chick with the sword and the kid with the hat” (just cuz it was kind of awesome).

Asta la pasta!


2 thoughts on “A Season Premiere, Noggin Assault, And Gobs Of Miscellaneous Brain Barf

    • I know, right??? Just can’t feel that sorry for the bonehead that freezes on the tracks as the train barrels toward them. Thanks! Knowing I amuse you makes me smile, which totally distracts from the aching noggin thing, so, in essence, it makes me feel better! See how you did that? 🙂

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