I’m Pretty Sure It Was A Compliment And Such


So I guess I’m kind of a snot.  Or maybe a snob.  Can’t quite remember which one the meds lady called me today while she was cracking up over one of my people-suck stories.  I’m sure she meant it as a compliment, especially since she seemed to be quite amused by my story of the annoying old lady and by my description of the idiotic coworker.  The truth is though, I really kind of am a snobby snot.  The majority of people drive me bat-shit and I often find myself fantasizing about punching them or throwing things at them.  Anyway, I went to my appointment with the medicine lady that takes care of my anxiety/depression/etc meds, which was awesome since I have been without my most important medicine for weeks.  Which was super sucky because this medicine is the one that helps not just my anxiety and depression and whatnot, it also makes my fibromyalgia suck less, so this is the one that pretty much keeps me from being COMPLETELY miserable.  And the stupid insurance folks have been refusing to allow me the 2 tablets a day that I have been taking for years, insisting I only need 1 tablet a day.  Luckily, my medicine lady rocks and she is making it possible for me to get the medicine I need, so those rotten insurance folks can just cram it!

Randomosity:  Walmart online photo thingy kinda sucks.  They told me my order would take a couple days when I was placing the order, then told me it would be a couple weeks after my order was placed and assured me I would receive an email informing me when the pics would be available at the store.  They lied.  No email was sent, and apparently the pics have been there for days, waiting for me to pick them up.  Very annoying.  Tom Savini is just a bad-ass dude.  Getting pretty excited about my whole being social thing coming up on Saturday.  Not even sure what exactly I am doing, just know that Tom and Noodle and Rosie and all them folks will be there, there being, I think, Jess and Brian’s house.  I think it’s Brian’s birthday, but I’m not positive.  Gosh, I hope I’m spelling Brian correctly, but I keep thinking I’m totally spelling it wrong.  Not that he’ll know or anything, since I don’t think he’ll probably ever read this, but it’s kind of bugging me.  I miss Galli, but I am glad he likes living with Nia and Stacey.  Even if he does like Stacey better than me.  I think it would be awesome for Chloe to live close to a Gigi’s Playhouse and I hope it can happen for her sooner rather than later.  For anyone who doesn’t know what a Gigi’s Playhouse is, it’s a great resource for families of kids/people with Down Syndrome– they have family nights and play groups and various educational programs, all of which I think would be great for my Chloe-oh.  I do miss my little Chloe-oh.  I’ve really got to remember to send Elise and Alex their stuff this week.  God, I am a horrible aunt!  I meant to send it way back at the very end of August!  And I’ve got to get Dany’s xmas present picked up this week–there’s only a few left at Walmart!  MY cat totally needs one of those costumes where it looks like he’s got a little cowbay riding on his back, just ’cause it would be rather amusing and such.  FYI: it is NOT okay to allow your toddler to wander around a store, dragging things off shelves and leaving stuff all over the floor, while you and the other adult continue shopping several aisles away from the child.  Nor is it acceptable to throw your receipt at a cashier just because you are too stupid to read it and figure out the math for yourself.  I think I’ll have to buy new tennis shoes with my tax money this spring.  I really, really, really, really hope I can pick up my watch this weekend.  I’m so tired of looking at my poor, naked wrist, like, 50 times a day because I keep forgetting I don’t have my watch anymore!  I totally need a cute pair of warm and fuzzy boot/slipper type things.

That is all.


4 thoughts on “I’m Pretty Sure It Was A Compliment And Such

  1. longchaps2

    I read a sign posted in a store this past weekend. It read “Warning: Children Left Unattended will be given a Double Shot Espresso and a Puppy.” I think you might need that sign. Lol. Glad you got your meds straightened out. Just found out my insurance company is dropping our entire area. Thrilled. Just thrilled.

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