Stitch Free And Full Of Snot


My stupid, annoying stitches are finally gone!!  Whoot whoot bitches!  Finally, my hair is parted fairly straight-ish! In other words, it is back to normal, since it’s never parted, like, perfectly straight.  And having the stupid stitches taken out didn’t hurt in the least.  The only time it sort of almost came close to being remotely ouch-ish was when the nurse had to clean the area.  My plan was to wash my hair vigorously as soon as I got home, since the damn stitches made it virtually impossible to adequately lather, rinse, repeat since my hair is so thick and snarky and all.  But that didn’t happen.  Instead, when I got home, I put on my jammies and crawled into bed.  And I slept for a few hours, woke up fr an hour or so, then slept some more, then woke up for a couple hours, then slept even more.  Why, you ask?  Well, and this is gonna shock the hell out of my dear friends and family, it seems I finally got my Fall creeping crud cold crap.  First came the sinus crud, now it’s attempting to take up residency in my chest.  In short, I am a sniffling, coughing mass of misery.  Which didn’t get really annoying until my asthma decided to start throwing the random wheeze into the mix.  Anyhow, I figure my sleep fest yesterday stemmed from the whole sick thing.  My damn sinuses feel like I have a gallon of snot crammed in there, which is not only gross and rather unpleasant, but also very damn annoying!  And yes folks, my delightful barking cough is obnoxiously present.  Yay.

Randomosity:  I must say, I was down right shocked when the only evidence of stolen stuff I came across at work tonight were an empty undies hanger and some candy wrappers.  The cardiologist dude on the e.r. show I just watched just said, “winner winner chicken dinner” when he finished a surgery, which kind of made me giggle.  I am so glad I have the next three days off!  My plans for my days off?  Not doing a darn thing Thursday, laundry and vacuuming on Friday and then going through my stuff at Rae’s, which shouldn’t be too awful.  Did you know, if you mix every single kind of liquid in your house together in an old coffee can (and I do mean every liquid, from bleach to beer to pickle juice to milk, etc etc etc), then panic when you realize you don’t know what to do with it, then dump it in a random spot in the back yard, a year later there will be a perfect circle of dead grass, which no one will believe was caused by aliens?  Which is just unfair, since it could almost pass for the small beginnings of a very small crop circle.  Sort of.  In the right light anyway.  From just the right angle. I totally want an air fryer thingy.  You know, the new thing that’s like a deep-fat fryer, but with air or whatever, so it’s way less bad for you and such!  I had a hamster once, his name was Battique S. Bandit Esq, and he used to hang upside down from the top of his cage a lot.  Unfortunately, he also fell a lot, which usually knocked him senseless for a bit.  Eventually, he got a better cage that didn’t have any bars on top for him to hang from, which was good and all, but I think he may have had a bit of brain damage by that time ’cause he would sometimes just stop whatever he was doing and stare off into space, twitching slightly.  And he would stay that way for, like, 5 minutes, then he would kind of jerk a bit, look around all freaked out looking, then go back to whatever activity he had been doing before his little episode.  Does anyone else find that life insurance commercial where the old lady says, “don’t let my age, or the fact that I just got life insurance, fool you” a tad ridiculous?  Or the one where the old dude hurts his arm falling off a ladder, and his daughter is all, “omg, you have to get life insurance”?  I mean, seriously?  Who comes up with this shit?  Whoever it is, they’re definitely making more money than me, and that just doesn’t seem right.

Toodaloo Kangaroos!


One thought on “Stitch Free And Full Of Snot

  1. longchaps2

    Sorry you got the creeping crud bug. Hope you are feeling better by now. As for the crop circles… well, let me tell you, if I mixed all the liquids together at my house, it would make the A Bomb look like a Whistling Pete firecracker. Yeah. Aliens would actually probably hear the bang too, lol. So I’m glad to hear your stitches are out and your scalp is restored. Now back to hair as usual. I can’t imagine how much of a pain that was. I’m VERY fussy about my hair. That would have driven me nuts. Well, take care. Feel better…

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