A Brutal Monster High Incident, I Really Do Get Myself The Best Gifts, And More Damn Repackaging And Such


So I’m one of those whacked out nut-jobs that went shopping on Thanksgiving night.  Now, I think it is total crap that they have decided to start the whole black Friday crap on Thanksgiving, and I think it’s crappy and a half that stores make folks work on Thanksgiving.  However, I am far too pathetically poor to pass up the awesome deals.  Anywho, me and my fellow selectively social shopping buddy for life cousin, Robby, took on the crowds of crazy.  It wasn’t too bad actually, except for trying to get around and, well, it was so people-y and all.  I did witness one incident that left me rather shocked and unsettled and such.  I was standing there, patiently waiting to be allowed to snag one of the $5 Monster High dolls, since they make folks wait till the exact time the sale starts to allow anyone to get the sale stuff.  There were several folks in front of me and a one chick that came up behind us right before it was time to do the whole grab and go bit.  Well, the second folks started grabbing stuff, the chick behind me starts plowing forward, shoving and pushing until she was close enough to almost reach the display.  Unfortunately, there was a person standing between her and those dolls.  She straight up ELBOWED the poor guy (twice!) and shoved him out of the way before grabbing several of the dolls.  I just stood there, blinking in shock.  I was all, “Seriously?  It’s a freaking doll, it is not that serious people.”  I myself just waited for the psychos to be done, then politely asked if someone could hand me one of the dolls, which they did.  I managed to get almost everything I wanted without once having to be nasty or brutal or anything like that.  And boy did
I get myself some dandy stuff!  I got the latest seasons of both Supernatural and The Walking Dead and I got some movies, including  Frozen  and Despicable Me 2 and a new scary flick and one or two misc type movies.  And, the absolute coolest thing ever, I got myself Walking Dead jammie pants!!  They’re soft and fuzzy and they have zombie faces on them and are just the most awesome jammie pants EVER!  (Oh, and I forgot to update y’all that I did indeed purchase my adorable, fuzzy and cozy robe the day I left to visit the family, so yay!)  The other thing I bought on Thanksgiving was presents for Krystal’s kiddos and for the three kids she and I have kind of adopted for Christmas, since their mom has decided to opt out of the whole Christmas thing entirely.  Got them some really cute stuff that I really really hope they like.  I will say though, being Santa is rather pricey.  Totally worth it, but pricey.  🙂

There are a few things to make note of in this pic, besides the obvious fact that I look like a Christmas hippo.  First, notice how short the sleeves of my coat are, leaving a significant gap between hands and sleeves, which is annoying as hell.  Also, note the oh-so-intelligent look on my face and the flailing hands.  I apparently flail my hands and arms around a lot more than I thought, at least while talking.  Which is pretty much all the time.  Lastly, isn't my Grinch shirt awesome?!?!

There are a few things to make note of in this pic, besides the obvious fact that I look like a Christmas hippo. First, notice how short the sleeves of my coat are, leaving a significant gap between hands and sleeves, which is annoying as hell. Also, note the oh-so-intelligent look on my face and the flailing hands. I apparently flail my hands and arms around a lot more than I thought, at least while talking. Which is pretty much all the time. Lastly, isn’t my Grinch shirt awesome?!?!

Curtains.  Underwear.  Shower curtains.  Socks.  The occasional toy.  These are the sorts of things I have to repackage most often.  Note that most of these items are things that hold little to no interest for children, meaning that it is adults that rip packaging, take items out of their package, or, my personal favorite, mess up the folding/positioning just enough to make it necessary to take everything out/apart and redo it.  The curtains and shower curtains annoy me the most.  Why the hell would you need to screw up the packaging to get a better look at something you can already see?  They have no plastic covering, there is a picture of the stupid thing on the package, and, with curtains, you should have bloody well measured your damn window and then check the measurements given on the package to see if they will fit.  Morons.  I really do loathe people.  Like, entirely.

Randomosity:  I totally need monkey Christmas socks.  I should have gotten 2 pairs of jammie pants.  I’m watching my new horror flick, Sinister, and so far it’s pretty good.  My doofus cat woke me up at 7:45 this morning.  I fell asleep at 2 am while I was watching a movie.  And I mean, zonked the frick out–didn’t get the cat’s food or water refilled, didn’t wash my face or brush my hair, I didn’t even brush my teeth!  I am beyond anal retentive about doing this stuff before bed every single night, but I just crashed.  So this morning Dart woke me up with his Timmy’s-in-the-well meow, just to let me know he could see a tiny bit of the bottom of his food dish.  He still had food, mind you, but anytime he can see the bottom of the dish, he is immediately convinced that he is in imminent danger of starving to death.  Which, as you probably know from the pictures of my adorable cat, he is in no danger of starving anytime soon.  Why on earth would anyone go investigate strange noises right after the lights go out unexpectedly??  Not me.  Never happening.  Gotta give this dude a bit of credit though, when a snake came shooting out from under the box or whatever, he didn’t even scream or anything.  Me?  I would screech like a banshee and start flailing and jumping like a deranged school girl or something.  I wonder if I should attempt to remake my bed since I have my flannel sheets in the washer right now, so they’ll be ready a little later, which would probably be the best time to change it all out.  But.  But I really hate making my bed ’cause it makes me get all wheezy and out of breath and such.  Probably I’ll be too darn lazy and won’t do it.  I love my new little stuffed Croods dude–he is beyond adorable!  Not looking forward to tomorrow–I have my yearly lady parts exam (yuckickeeww) then
I have to work.  But I do get to work with Krystal, which will make it a much better day, so yay for that!  Scrappy Doo always annoyed the ever loving hell out of me, while Scooby Dumb amused me to no end.  And, in answer to that age old question, if a turtle loses his shell, he is both homeless AND naked, which is just an awful lot of hardship for one turtle to endure.  Ooh, I also need some Grinch Christmas socks!

Peace out, sauerkraut!

(Holy crap on a cracker!  I spelled that right on the first try y’all!)


My Nieces Are Pretty Awesome And Some Pics And Other Delights



Apparently, I amuse Chloe, judging by her gap-toothed crack-up moment here.


I’m not sure, but I think she’s throwing some gang signs here.  She is rather gangster though.


For Chloe’s birthday, I got her this bag, crammed full of Frozen stuff.  Body wash and a hairbrush and a workbook thing and a book and stickers and all sorts of little goodies, including an Olaf hat and gloves set.  The second she saw this set, she squealed happily and put it on immediately.  As you can see, she was so eager to wear it, she didn’t bother getting the gloves and hat separated.  It was quite hilarious.

I got to spend Friday night, all day Saturday, Saturday night, and a little bit of Sunday morning with my nieces and Carrie and Alex and Steve and Drew.  I had sooo much fun!  I got to read to Chloe and jam to my iTunes with her and set up her new bedroom.  And I got some gift ideas from Elise and Alex.  And I went to a Costco for the first time.  And ate breakfast at a place called Burnt Toast, which was ah-mazing!  The french toast was ginormous and Chloe kiddie Minnie Mouse pancake was bigger than her head!  We had a mini Thanksgiving and a little birthday party for Chloe, which were awesome.  I cannot wait to visit again!  And next time, I will make sure I don’t have to work the same day I return.  That sucked utterly–my day started at 7am, spent over 3 hours in the car, got home just in time to carry my stuff in and change my clothes, then had to work until after 9pm.  Exceedingly LONG day for me.  But totally worth it to see my girls.

IMG_20141118_152409 IMG_20141118_152449

While meandering through Walmart, I happened to notice these.  I am fairly sure this was a whoopsie type of labeling boo-boo, though I can’t be sure, since you just never know with them.  Either way, these prices do seem a tad steep.  I did love the ‘R U Kidding’ note added by a delightfully witty customer or employee though.  I’m sure people did a double take when they noticed me–semi-crouching in front of the Christmas candy, taking pictures with my phone and giggling to myself rather excessively.  Lol.

IMG_20141116_150010  IMG_20141116_150119

The infamous pigs skating/sledding socks.  It’s okay to be jealous.

Randomosity:  Am I the only person who wonders how many dead bodies I pass on long drives past wooded and/or isolated areas?  I think I might be getting a pink mini Christmas tree from my secret Santa person.  I hope I have enough money to get at least some of the stuff I want to buy on Thursday.  God I hate being poor.  I can’t wait until Chloe gets to move into their new house so she can start getting involved with Gigi’s Playhouse and get into the awesome special education program available at her future school–I think it will be so much better for her.  I got the last of my fillings done today!  Now I just have to wait until May, then I can get my crowns and my bridge and, hopefully, I will finally have mostly decent teeth!  I’ve officially begun listening to Christmas music and wearing my Christmas socks!  I know, I know–but I just can’t stop myself from geeking out over Christmas.  I actually Redboxed a couple movies tonight, both horror movies of course.  The one I’m watching now is pretty good actually.  I think it’s Deliver Us From Evil or something like that.It’s not the greatest horror movie I’ve ever seen, but it isn’t bad.  I’m fairly certain that I’ve had my iPod for 10 years, which is kinda awesome, since it still works pretty well and all.  You know what would really suck?  Having a sneezing fit while hiding from a serial killer or zombies or something equally deadly.  I totally need that TWD game that you hook up to your t.v. and then you shoot zombies with the gun thingy it comes with–it looks way fun.  Tom is awesome–he totally took me to the meet-up location Friday, then picked me up on Sunday!  And it was, like, 2 hours from his house!  And Steve did the other half of the driving Miss Kenzie, which was totally cool and awesome of him.  Well, I am going to go eat dinner now, so I guess that’s it for tonight.

Toodles y’all!

Bitch, You’re High! And Other Awesomeness


So I’m a pretty crappy blogger, and I apologize profusely and all that.  Now that that’s out of the way, I do have some nifty little bloggy bits for y’all.

You may have enjoyed the delightful title of this post, as well you should, since it’s freaking hilarious.  It’s a quote I snagged from someone while I was at Krystal’s house for supper last night.  For whatever reason, this little mini sentence cracked me up entirely.  I laughed so hard my belly hurt.  Now I keep saying it and giggling.  No idea why, just find it amusing as hell.

I had an ah-mazingly yummy supper at Krystal’s!  She made turkey and mashed potatoes and green beans and gravy and it was super good AND she sent me home with left-over turkey!  Left-over turkey sandwiches are one of my favorite things ever.  Paired with mashed potato sage dressing, it’s the perfect food.  And it was also cool to just hang out with Krystal and Becky and Tien etc etc etc.  I met this little guy named Tazzy, and I swear, he is one of the cutest kids ever.  He has this great springy, curly, crazy cool hair and an adorable grin.  I tell you, it’s almost enough to make me wish I had kids.  Not quite, of course, but almost close!  And Krystal and I had a really good (and really long lol)talk.  It was a really good night, and I had a lot of fun, so thanks to Krystal for inviting me over for supper!

Just in case you are starting to forget that people suck ass, let me give you my newest list of annoyances at work.  A three pack of gloves torn off the packaging and one pair was gone.  Some douche-canoe tromped through our store, leaving massive muddy footprints all over the place.    A three pack of instant cold packs was torn open and one cold pack was missing.  I discovered a big, nasty wad of gum stuck to the floor that I can’t seem to be able to pry off the tile.  And last, but most definitely not least, someone stole a blu tooth speaker thing (which totally took some serious balls, since the damned speaker was not small).  Also had one customer yell at the cashier for asking if they would donate a dollar to either St. Judes Children’s Hospital or Toys for Tots.  Which I don’t understand at all.  It is completely unnecessary to get all snarky with the cashier for asking this.  Both of these are legit charities that I actually enjoying collecting for because they both help so many people.  Heck, I’m poor as hell and I still try to donate to them!  Kids with cancer and kids with no Christmas–c’mon people!  It’s not like we’re asking you to donate to puppy killers inc or something!  Geesh.  If you don’t want to donate, just say no and move on.  No need to be a douche about it.  Geesh.

Randomosity:  It’s way too damn cold outside.  I can’t believe how tired I am–I’m having trouble staying awake! Why on earth did they decide that Black Friday should start happening on Thursday?  Like folks in retail don’t deal with enough b.s., now it appears everyone has to get used to working on a holiday and dealing with customers all day long who say things like, “I can’t believe they make you work on Thanksgiving!”.  And it nevers occurs to them that, if they didn’t shop on Thanksgiving, we wouldn’t have to work!  C’mon folks, it isn’t rocket science!  Why don’t they make black q-tips?  My cat just sat on my foot and farted on it.  WTH?  In less than 48 hours, I should be at Carrie and Steve’s place where my nieces will be waiting!  Chloe is VERY excited!  Trust me, there will be pictures!  What would happen if you sneezed with your eyes open?  I think the white chocolate Reeses Christmas trees are awesome times a lot.  Hot chocolate sounds good right now, especially since my hands are so cold they’re getting all numb and such.  I’m making a ton of typos tonight.  I hope I catch them all and don’t let too many end up in the finished post.  They finally got the robe I want here at our Walmart, the right color and size and everything.  But they only have one.  I don’t get paid until Friday.  If that robe is gone before I can go get it, I may actually throw a tantrum right there in Walmart.  I loath being poor with an all-consuming, fiery passion.  I should really get ready for bed, since I keep nodding off and jerking awake and discovering that I typed a bunch of lines of //////s or whatever.  Very uncool, that.

Over and out.

The Creeping Crud Needs A Punch In The Throat And One Of Those Awesome Me Moments And Other Stuff


This damn creeping crud crap can just go away anytime now.  Apparently, it has decided that I am not allowed to be unsick yet.  When I woke up yesterday, I felt rather less okay than the day before.  Today, I woke up feeling a bit ickier than yesterday.  Seriously, WTH???  I am way past ready to be done with this shit.  At least I still feel better than I did during the whole hospital adventure, so there’s that.

In a truly awesome display of my amazingness, I did something last night that made me laugh at myself for at least 5 minutes.  I was jabbering with Jamie on my cell and had Looney Tunes on t.v. in the background.  So, as we’re talking, I hear a sound I know well–my text notification sound.  So what do I do?  That’s right, I start looking for my phone.  Yeah, the same phone I was talking on.  But, searching for the phone is only part of the awesomeness.  See, not only was I searching for my phone while it’s pressed to my ear, I’m continuing to hear my text sound.  Now, here’s the real moment of awesome stupidity–my text sound is the Road Runner’s meep meep sound, which was occurring rather frequently on the damn t.v. show.  So I spent, like, 3 minutes searching for the phone I was using because the cartoon on t.v. kept making my text sound.  Awesome, right? LOL

I had another tooth break the other day.  The tooth actually didn’t hurt at all, which was dandy.  The sharp, jagged edge of the break raking against my poor tongue constantly hurt like hell, which was decidedly un-dandy.  It broke Tuesday afternoon, and I had to wait until today to get it fixed.  Luckily, as I may have mentioned, my dentist is beyond groovy and squeezed me in between other folks today.  Which means I was there for quite a while, but it got done.  The suckiest thing, besides my poor tongue getting sliced to ribbons by the tooth, is that the tooth was so bad that there was barely anything left to fix.  So I pretty much have a filling with a sliver of tooth clinging to it, which I can’t get capped or crowned or whatever until May, since my insurance has these tier thingies and something about check-ups and cleanings and some other blah blah blah stuff.  So, until May, I have to be VERY careful and not eat chewy or super crunchy crap, or at least have to chew primarily on the other side of my mouth.  But, my teeth will eventually be all fixed and not broken and painful anymore, so I will eagerly hop right through whatever hoops they require, with gusto even!

Randomosity:  Did you ever wonder why they call folks with orange hair redheads?  It’s kind of awkward that I like the colors pink and purple, but totally do not like them together.  Someday i want to get one of those itty bitty dwarf bunnies with the floppy ears and super soft fur.  I’d probably name him Captain Floppy Jack or Miss Bitty Britches or something along those lines.  Sometimes I wonder why there aren’t more tap-dancing penguins, then I think about how amusing it would be to watch a penguin dance class and then I realize I really do think of the most bizarrely random crap, cuz I’m just that awesome.  My jaw hurts and it’s starting to get on my nerves.  I cannot wait to see my nieces next weekend–wish it was this weekend, but it’s only a week away so i can wait just a bit longer.  I officially quit smoking y’all, so keep your fingers crossed for me.  If I make it, which I totally will, I win the bet with my aunts and they’ll fork over $40!  The icky thing about the bet is that, once I collect my winnings, if I start back up anytime in the next year, I have to fork over $100!!  So, in case you’re wondering, I will NOT be losing this bet.  Well, time to go eat some sort of un-dangerous dinner.

Laters gators!

So I Didn’t Die At Work And Walkers Got Hosed And My Schnazzy Socks Pretty Much Rule And Holy Crap That’s A Lot Of Views


I made it about 3 hours into work before I hit a bit of trouble.  Admittedly, I wasn’t finding work all easy peasy or anything, but I was doing alright.  Until.  Until the lady came in wearing what could very well have been an entire bottle of perfume.  Added un-bonus, the lady was very nice and became ultra concerned when my coughing started getting all non-stop-ish and such.  So here she is, trying to be all kind and concerned and all that, which of course involved her coming closer to me, which of course only made it worse.  Thankfully, Krystal rescued me and led her away to find whatever she was looking for.  From that point on, I started to feel less and less dandy.  By the time we were ready to leave, I was feeling pretty crappy and tired and my stupid lungs were feeling all twitchy and I was just really ready to go home.  Now I’m kinda hoping I can trade shifts with someone and take tomorrow night off and work Tuesday instead, but I’m not sure yet if that would even be an option.  If I can’t switch, I’ll probably just try going again tomorrow and hope no perfume people come in.  But I hope I can switch, ’cause I feel pretty much like dooky after tonight.

Walking Dead fans–was tonight’s episode awesome or what?!?  Well, except for the whole Eugene incident, which I wasn’t actually all that surprised by, even though I’ve only read a couple of the comics and none of them involved Eugene.  Just seemed a bit hinky to me.  But anyway, the walker hosing bit?  Absolutely, epically ah-mazing!  Totally turned them into, like, zombie stew! Sorry, I just had to share my awe and such for the newest awesomeness from the best show on t.v.

So I have this thing for Christmas socks.  Not like, a pervy sort of thing, I just really like Christmas socks and have amassed an impressive (or sad, depending on your view of Christmas socks in general, since you probably wouldn’t find my collection of Christmas socks all that awesome if you’re a grinchy sort of person or Jewish or something) collection of socks.  I have so many pairs that, even if I start wearing them the week of Thanksgiving, I can’t wear every pair even if I only wear each pair once.  So I’ve had to weed some socks out by declaring them more wintry themed than Christmas.  So, like, my adorable socks with ice skating piggies, they are totally winter, since there is nothing overly Christmas-y about ice skating pigs.  Those are the socks I wore tonight, just ’cause I really love the skating piggies, and they are just pretty awesome really.  No point to this little story, just wanted to make everyone jealous over my socks.  Maybe I’ll post a picture of my nifty socks.  Lucky you, you may get to see them for yourself!

I had 3 views on Friday.  2 views on Saturday.  Today?  I HAD 99 Views y’all!  WTH?  I’m totally not complaining, I just find it baffling how my blog views are so crazily all over the place.  Guess it makes sense though, when you realize that my blog itself is rather crazily all over the place, so there’s that.  But thanks to everyone who visited the blog, ever.  Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and whatnot, truly, it does!

Randomosity:  I need Grinch socks.  I’m pretty sure it was probably totally un-p.c. to say that Jewish folks might not like my Christmas socks, but it would be fairly likely, wouldn’t it?  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I would totally wear menorah socks or whatever, I have no problem celebrating Hanukkah or whatever via my socks, you just don’t see a lot of Hanukkah socks.  But anyone who doesn’t really do the whole Christmas thing would really have no reason to get all geeked out over my Christmas sock collection.  I also have some pretty nifty Christmas shirts too, just sayin’.  I’m contemplating tripping my friends out with a guilt trip over them not visiting their poor, sick friend.  Like, I didn’t get any cuddly stuffed animals or strange knick knacks or amusing cards or anything.  No plants, no excessive calls to check on my well-being.  Of course, I would totally be screwing with them, but it could be amusing.  But probably I won’t do any such thing, since they might actually end up thinking they really should have done something like that, when, really, I would never expect anything of the sort.  I’m really pretty okay with being penciled in a few times a year, with the occasional chat thrown in, seeing as how too much social interaction pretty much makes me want to hide under a table and whimper like a frightened puppy.  I think I might color for a bit before I go to bed, ’cause I’m awesome like that.

Cheers my peers!

My Aunt’s Lost Cletus, A little Girl’s Birthday, And My Chest Hurts Like Hellfire


I just can’t understand what went wrong with my family. Other folks have normal, or at the very least, normal-ish families.  Me?  I got little old ladies who discuss things like where a man tucks his dangly bits when dressing as a woman, a cousin with a rebellious and wayward bellybutton, another cousin who inadvertently kidnapped a passed out drunk whilst ‘relocating’ a party bus to mess with some drunk folks, and now my aunt, who is totally well past the age of old people discount eligibility, decided to share that she has lost a part of her anatomy that was dubbed Cletus, probably since the name of the anatomical part could sort of sound like Cletus…if you were slurring a lot…and had suffered a head injury of some sort.  But really, it just shares a couple similar letters and doesn’t really sound like Cletus much at all.  And since my cousin and I are sick, twisted sorta gals, we found her proclamation absolutely hysterically amusing.  Obviously, whatever went so awesomely wrong with my family has totally made me the delightfully whack-a-do ball of awesome that y’all luv and adore and such.  (hehehehehe)  So, the point of this tidbit was to inform everyone that if someone should happen to come across a rogue Cletus, please, whatever you do, do not tell me about it.  I don’t want to know.  Ever.

So, I drug my pathetically sick self to my little cousins birthday party today.  I figured that, if I could make it through a little birthday party, I might be able to make it through work tomorrow.  Yeah.  It pretty much sucked, but I totally didn’t die, so I’m still contemplating trying to go to work.  My little cousin, Kaylee, whose birthday party I attended today, is a hilarious little thing.  I have dubbed her the terrorist due to her awesome ability to force people to bend to her will.  Seriously though, she’s pretty spoiled and all, but she’s awesome.  When she was showing me some of the presents she had gotten already, I asked her if she liked Frozen, to which she replied, with a huge eye-roll and a sigh, “I AM having a Frozen party ya know!”  When I admitted that I had not noticed these decorations, she promptly led me out to see her party decorations, including a great cake with some Frozen characters on it, as well as a picture of Kaylee.  I don’t know about y’all, but I always thought it would be creepy to eat a piece of cake with your face on it.  Kaylee seemed to think it was gonna be awesome, so maybe I’m just weird, ’cause I just don’t think I could do it.  So anyway, while I was sitting there being all sick and miserable, at one point I found myself in the living room area, amongst a bunch of folks I didn’t know.  Since I just love those sort of situations, I just sat there doing my medicine without even acknowledging that there were others in the room.  Then they all started saying kinda snarky things about how spoiled Kaylee is and how her baby brother is getting all spoiled too.  Maybe I’m just a bit grouchy or whatever, but it kinda rubbed me the wrong way.  It just struck me as beyond wrong to sit and talk shit about a 7 year old kid while you’re at her birthday party.  And, while she is spoiled and rather dictator-y, she’s a pretty cool kid really.  She’s quite amusing and very smart and oh-so-fashionable.  Plus, if you remember, she did a hell of a job painting my nails awhile back.  I did make it through the party though, without dying even!  And by the way, there was 3 babies there.  3!  I thought for sure I was gonna make them all cry by coughing too loud or something, but I didn’t get too close for everyone’s sake, and no babies were brought to tears by my babies-hate-me curse, so yay!  Oh yeah, and my little cousin Phoenix was there too, all perfectly matched outfit and adorable little mohawk thing going–swear he’s got to be one of the cutest kids ever.  And I made it for, like, an hour after my other little cousins arrived, bringing the total of screeching little girls to 3.  Add in the whole karaoke singing (?) they were doing at the top of their little girl lungs, and you can see how impressive it is that I made it so long.  Although, it was cute when the littlest girl and the birthday girl started singing that build a snowman song together, at least until it turned into a screaming contest.

Okay, I have to take just a minute to whine about the stupid pain I have ’cause of this whole sick b.s.  Every single time I cough, it feels like someone is stabbing me in the chest with at least a dozen knives.  It seriously brings tears to my eyes sometimes, which frustrates me, since I hate letting it show.  I am so sick of feeling like deep-fried dog crap, I could just scream.  Except that would probably make me cough and that would be all sucky and painful and stuff.  And I am sick of having this rattling cruddy crap going on in my poor lungs.  And my aunt’s being all caring and such and she won’t let me smoke, which is making me crazy.  And yes, I know it is beyond ridiculous to smoke when your lungs try to kill you periodically, but I still want a cigarette damn it.  And yes, I know my aunt is right and all that, and only doing this because she cares and all, but I still want a cigarette.  And I want to go back to work, otherwise I’m totally screwed money wise, and I HATE missing work ’cause then everyone has to try to fill my shifts and work when they’re supposed to be off and all that.  Siiiigh.

Randomosity:  If I ever ate green eggs and ham, I’d probably want some green waffles or something to go with it.  I really hope a bleach pen takes the stains out of Chloe’s Olaf stuffed guy.  I really need to get some yarn so I can get to work on the scarves and hats I want to make for Christmas presents.  I think I’m all done with Christmas shopping for Chloe and Dany, which leaves Elise, Carrie, Alex, Donnie, Micah, Zaya, Jagger, Nia, Steve, Tom, Noodle, Caron, Margie, Virginia, Krystal, Becky, Tien, Victoria, Damien, Hayley, my secret santa person, and a couple other little things.  Right up until I typed all that, I felt all proud of the fact that I was all done with the girls.  Not so cocky now.  Okay, chest hurts and I’m exhausted, so off to bed I go!

Peace out y’all!

The Odds Are That I Will Be Going Home Today, So Yay And Such…


Well, I am still currently trapped in hospital land, but I was told that I will be going home today.  Now, since I was told this yesterday as well, only to be informed that I would, in fact, be staying another night to ensure that I adjusted to being switched from I.V. meds to pills or some such thing, I am only cautiously optimistic rather than super psyched.  So I’m sitting here, waiting for the nurse practitioner to come in and set me free.  I do not care that my chest feels like it is lined with broken glass or that my throat seems to be coated in sand paper and gravel, I just want to go home.  I want to go to work tomorrow, to start making up for all the hours I’ve lost this week.  I’m tired and sore and uncomfortable and in pain and wobbly and such like that there.  And did I mention I’m BORED?!?!?  I miss my DVR and my guide and my internet connection (as opposed to the connection here, which pretty much sucks and won’t work on my phone or tablet, only my laptop) and my cat and my bed and my uber soft blankie and my hat-free bathroom and normal food and everything else at home.  Although, it would be groovy if my bed was adjustable like this one, but, adjustable or not, it’s still comfier than this bed.  So, keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck and all that that I’ll get to go home today.

Randomosity:  I had to laugh at Rae last night, when she told me that she had read my blog, and that she was a tad shocked at my language.  Which is kinda hilarious and awesome, since I always felt I didn’t swear nearly as bad on here as I do in my head or in normal conversation, but apparently my swearing abilities are way more awesome than I thought, so yay me!  Admittedly, Rae did snicker a bit when she pointed out my less than family-friendly language, so probably she wasn’t really all that shocked, but it was still pretty awesome to think I might be, like, shocking and such.  I bet Carrie’s dad, Scott, would go batshit if he tried reading my posts, with all the ‘like’s and ‘totally’s and such, since he gets a tad twitchy just hearing them in normal conversation and all.  I was so happy that I got to Skype with Chloe for a little bit last night!  Hopefully, I will get to have a longer call with her next week.  Wow, this movie’s old enough to have a corded wall phone, cassette tapes, flannel shirts tied around the waist, no cell phones, and all kinds of other retro awesomeness.  I’m figuring it’s a 90’s movie, but I can’t be sure since I don’t have my trusty guide to tell me.  Well folks, the nurse lady came in and said I can go home this afternoon!  Whoot whoot!  Sounds Like I’ll be on LOTS of medicine for a bit, but who cares, I get to go home!!  They may have mentioned something about not going back to work right away, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be following those directions/guidelines too strictly.  I can’t just not go to work once I get home, it’ll drive me crazy!  Plus, I’m too poor to miss any more work than absolutely necessary, so whatever.  Why did dancing, singing raisins ever seem awesome to folks?  I mean, they looked like wrinkly dancing turds for cryin’ out loud.  How funky is your chicken, how loose is your goose?  (For those of you feeling completely baffled by that last bit there, you make me very sad.  It’s the cheer in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie, which is absolutely HILARIOUSLY awesome and you should watch it.  A lot.)  Fur coats are just not attractive, unless they’re on the animal they belong to.  They are just kind of tacky and such, totally not classy or whatever they’re supposed to be.

Toodle-oos Kangaroos!