The Odds Are That I Will Be Going Home Today, So Yay And Such…


Well, I am still currently trapped in hospital land, but I was told that I will be going home today.  Now, since I was told this yesterday as well, only to be informed that I would, in fact, be staying another night to ensure that I adjusted to being switched from I.V. meds to pills or some such thing, I am only cautiously optimistic rather than super psyched.  So I’m sitting here, waiting for the nurse practitioner to come in and set me free.  I do not care that my chest feels like it is lined with broken glass or that my throat seems to be coated in sand paper and gravel, I just want to go home.  I want to go to work tomorrow, to start making up for all the hours I’ve lost this week.  I’m tired and sore and uncomfortable and in pain and wobbly and such like that there.  And did I mention I’m BORED?!?!?  I miss my DVR and my guide and my internet connection (as opposed to the connection here, which pretty much sucks and won’t work on my phone or tablet, only my laptop) and my cat and my bed and my uber soft blankie and my hat-free bathroom and normal food and everything else at home.  Although, it would be groovy if my bed was adjustable like this one, but, adjustable or not, it’s still comfier than this bed.  So, keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck and all that that I’ll get to go home today.

Randomosity:  I had to laugh at Rae last night, when she told me that she had read my blog, and that she was a tad shocked at my language.  Which is kinda hilarious and awesome, since I always felt I didn’t swear nearly as bad on here as I do in my head or in normal conversation, but apparently my swearing abilities are way more awesome than I thought, so yay me!  Admittedly, Rae did snicker a bit when she pointed out my less than family-friendly language, so probably she wasn’t really all that shocked, but it was still pretty awesome to think I might be, like, shocking and such.  I bet Carrie’s dad, Scott, would go batshit if he tried reading my posts, with all the ‘like’s and ‘totally’s and such, since he gets a tad twitchy just hearing them in normal conversation and all.  I was so happy that I got to Skype with Chloe for a little bit last night!  Hopefully, I will get to have a longer call with her next week.  Wow, this movie’s old enough to have a corded wall phone, cassette tapes, flannel shirts tied around the waist, no cell phones, and all kinds of other retro awesomeness.  I’m figuring it’s a 90’s movie, but I can’t be sure since I don’t have my trusty guide to tell me.  Well folks, the nurse lady came in and said I can go home this afternoon!  Whoot whoot!  Sounds Like I’ll be on LOTS of medicine for a bit, but who cares, I get to go home!!  They may have mentioned something about not going back to work right away, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be following those directions/guidelines too strictly.  I can’t just not go to work once I get home, it’ll drive me crazy!  Plus, I’m too poor to miss any more work than absolutely necessary, so whatever.  Why did dancing, singing raisins ever seem awesome to folks?  I mean, they looked like wrinkly dancing turds for cryin’ out loud.  How funky is your chicken, how loose is your goose?  (For those of you feeling completely baffled by that last bit there, you make me very sad.  It’s the cheer in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie, which is absolutely HILARIOUSLY awesome and you should watch it.  A lot.)  Fur coats are just not attractive, unless they’re on the animal they belong to.  They are just kind of tacky and such, totally not classy or whatever they’re supposed to be.

Toodle-oos Kangaroos!


One thought on “The Odds Are That I Will Be Going Home Today, So Yay And Such…

  1. longchaps2

    Escaped at last. I was beginning to wonder if it was more serious than you were letting on. Still doesn’t sound like much fun. You ‘ve got reason to swear a bit. To heck with what anyone else thinks. Hopefully the meds will keep you from ending back in the ER. Later gater.

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