So I Didn’t Die At Work And Walkers Got Hosed And My Schnazzy Socks Pretty Much Rule And Holy Crap That’s A Lot Of Views


I made it about 3 hours into work before I hit a bit of trouble.  Admittedly, I wasn’t finding work all easy peasy or anything, but I was doing alright.  Until.  Until the lady came in wearing what could very well have been an entire bottle of perfume.  Added un-bonus, the lady was very nice and became ultra concerned when my coughing started getting all non-stop-ish and such.  So here she is, trying to be all kind and concerned and all that, which of course involved her coming closer to me, which of course only made it worse.  Thankfully, Krystal rescued me and led her away to find whatever she was looking for.  From that point on, I started to feel less and less dandy.  By the time we were ready to leave, I was feeling pretty crappy and tired and my stupid lungs were feeling all twitchy and I was just really ready to go home.  Now I’m kinda hoping I can trade shifts with someone and take tomorrow night off and work Tuesday instead, but I’m not sure yet if that would even be an option.  If I can’t switch, I’ll probably just try going again tomorrow and hope no perfume people come in.  But I hope I can switch, ’cause I feel pretty much like dooky after tonight.

Walking Dead fans–was tonight’s episode awesome or what?!?  Well, except for the whole Eugene incident, which I wasn’t actually all that surprised by, even though I’ve only read a couple of the comics and none of them involved Eugene.  Just seemed a bit hinky to me.  But anyway, the walker hosing bit?  Absolutely, epically ah-mazing!  Totally turned them into, like, zombie stew! Sorry, I just had to share my awe and such for the newest awesomeness from the best show on t.v.

So I have this thing for Christmas socks.  Not like, a pervy sort of thing, I just really like Christmas socks and have amassed an impressive (or sad, depending on your view of Christmas socks in general, since you probably wouldn’t find my collection of Christmas socks all that awesome if you’re a grinchy sort of person or Jewish or something) collection of socks.  I have so many pairs that, even if I start wearing them the week of Thanksgiving, I can’t wear every pair even if I only wear each pair once.  So I’ve had to weed some socks out by declaring them more wintry themed than Christmas.  So, like, my adorable socks with ice skating piggies, they are totally winter, since there is nothing overly Christmas-y about ice skating pigs.  Those are the socks I wore tonight, just ’cause I really love the skating piggies, and they are just pretty awesome really.  No point to this little story, just wanted to make everyone jealous over my socks.  Maybe I’ll post a picture of my nifty socks.  Lucky you, you may get to see them for yourself!

I had 3 views on Friday.  2 views on Saturday.  Today?  I HAD 99 Views y’all!  WTH?  I’m totally not complaining, I just find it baffling how my blog views are so crazily all over the place.  Guess it makes sense though, when you realize that my blog itself is rather crazily all over the place, so there’s that.  But thanks to everyone who visited the blog, ever.  Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and whatnot, truly, it does!

Randomosity:  I need Grinch socks.  I’m pretty sure it was probably totally un-p.c. to say that Jewish folks might not like my Christmas socks, but it would be fairly likely, wouldn’t it?  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I would totally wear menorah socks or whatever, I have no problem celebrating Hanukkah or whatever via my socks, you just don’t see a lot of Hanukkah socks.  But anyone who doesn’t really do the whole Christmas thing would really have no reason to get all geeked out over my Christmas sock collection.  I also have some pretty nifty Christmas shirts too, just sayin’.  I’m contemplating tripping my friends out with a guilt trip over them not visiting their poor, sick friend.  Like, I didn’t get any cuddly stuffed animals or strange knick knacks or amusing cards or anything.  No plants, no excessive calls to check on my well-being.  Of course, I would totally be screwing with them, but it could be amusing.  But probably I won’t do any such thing, since they might actually end up thinking they really should have done something like that, when, really, I would never expect anything of the sort.  I’m really pretty okay with being penciled in a few times a year, with the occasional chat thrown in, seeing as how too much social interaction pretty much makes me want to hide under a table and whimper like a frightened puppy.  I think I might color for a bit before I go to bed, ’cause I’m awesome like that.

Cheers my peers!


5 thoughts on “So I Didn’t Die At Work And Walkers Got Hosed And My Schnazzy Socks Pretty Much Rule And Holy Crap That’s A Lot Of Views

  1. longchaps2

    99 views! That IS awesome. Just think how many more you’ll get when you post the picture of your socks with the ice skating pigs, lol, Yeah. I’m jealous. I have zero Christmas socks. Of course when you have size 12 feet they don’t have enough Christmas material to make them. They would have to use sleeping bags and modify. A little awkward. Life sucks. Hey, speaking of not good, don’t let that cough get out of hand and end you back in the ER. Sounding a little scary…

    Liked by 1 person

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