The Creeping Crud Needs A Punch In The Throat And One Of Those Awesome Me Moments And Other Stuff


This damn creeping crud crap can just go away anytime now.  Apparently, it has decided that I am not allowed to be unsick yet.  When I woke up yesterday, I felt rather less okay than the day before.  Today, I woke up feeling a bit ickier than yesterday.  Seriously, WTH???  I am way past ready to be done with this shit.  At least I still feel better than I did during the whole hospital adventure, so there’s that.

In a truly awesome display of my amazingness, I did something last night that made me laugh at myself for at least 5 minutes.  I was jabbering with Jamie on my cell and had Looney Tunes on t.v. in the background.  So, as we’re talking, I hear a sound I know well–my text notification sound.  So what do I do?  That’s right, I start looking for my phone.  Yeah, the same phone I was talking on.  But, searching for the phone is only part of the awesomeness.  See, not only was I searching for my phone while it’s pressed to my ear, I’m continuing to hear my text sound.  Now, here’s the real moment of awesome stupidity–my text sound is the Road Runner’s meep meep sound, which was occurring rather frequently on the damn t.v. show.  So I spent, like, 3 minutes searching for the phone I was using because the cartoon on t.v. kept making my text sound.  Awesome, right? LOL

I had another tooth break the other day.  The tooth actually didn’t hurt at all, which was dandy.  The sharp, jagged edge of the break raking against my poor tongue constantly hurt like hell, which was decidedly un-dandy.  It broke Tuesday afternoon, and I had to wait until today to get it fixed.  Luckily, as I may have mentioned, my dentist is beyond groovy and squeezed me in between other folks today.  Which means I was there for quite a while, but it got done.  The suckiest thing, besides my poor tongue getting sliced to ribbons by the tooth, is that the tooth was so bad that there was barely anything left to fix.  So I pretty much have a filling with a sliver of tooth clinging to it, which I can’t get capped or crowned or whatever until May, since my insurance has these tier thingies and something about check-ups and cleanings and some other blah blah blah stuff.  So, until May, I have to be VERY careful and not eat chewy or super crunchy crap, or at least have to chew primarily on the other side of my mouth.  But, my teeth will eventually be all fixed and not broken and painful anymore, so I will eagerly hop right through whatever hoops they require, with gusto even!

Randomosity:  Did you ever wonder why they call folks with orange hair redheads?  It’s kind of awkward that I like the colors pink and purple, but totally do not like them together.  Someday i want to get one of those itty bitty dwarf bunnies with the floppy ears and super soft fur.  I’d probably name him Captain Floppy Jack or Miss Bitty Britches or something along those lines.  Sometimes I wonder why there aren’t more tap-dancing penguins, then I think about how amusing it would be to watch a penguin dance class and then I realize I really do think of the most bizarrely random crap, cuz I’m just that awesome.  My jaw hurts and it’s starting to get on my nerves.  I cannot wait to see my nieces next weekend–wish it was this weekend, but it’s only a week away so i can wait just a bit longer.  I officially quit smoking y’all, so keep your fingers crossed for me.  If I make it, which I totally will, I win the bet with my aunts and they’ll fork over $40!  The icky thing about the bet is that, once I collect my winnings, if I start back up anytime in the next year, I have to fork over $100!!  So, in case you’re wondering, I will NOT be losing this bet.  Well, time to go eat some sort of un-dangerous dinner.

Laters gators!


One thought on “The Creeping Crud Needs A Punch In The Throat And One Of Those Awesome Me Moments And Other Stuff

  1. longchaps2

    You got this. Easy $40. Good for YOU! By the way, I’ve got a bunny. Simba. Cutest Dude EVER. In my humble opinion. He’s a lionhead bunny. I would post a picture here if I could. They make adorable pets. Gotta get a boy rabbit though, not wound so tight as the girls. Gotta laugh about your cell phone stuck on your ear while you’re looking for it. I’m pretty experience at doing that with my sunglasses. Butler just points to my head and gives me the “Huh?” look, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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