My Nieces Are Pretty Awesome And Some Pics And Other Delights



Apparently, I amuse Chloe, judging by her gap-toothed crack-up moment here.


I’m not sure, but I think she’s throwing some gang signs here.  She is rather gangster though.


For Chloe’s birthday, I got her this bag, crammed full of Frozen stuff.  Body wash and a hairbrush and a workbook thing and a book and stickers and all sorts of little goodies, including an Olaf hat and gloves set.  The second she saw this set, she squealed happily and put it on immediately.  As you can see, she was so eager to wear it, she didn’t bother getting the gloves and hat separated.  It was quite hilarious.

I got to spend Friday night, all day Saturday, Saturday night, and a little bit of Sunday morning with my nieces and Carrie and Alex and Steve and Drew.  I had sooo much fun!  I got to read to Chloe and jam to my iTunes with her and set up her new bedroom.  And I got some gift ideas from Elise and Alex.  And I went to a Costco for the first time.  And ate breakfast at a place called Burnt Toast, which was ah-mazing!  The french toast was ginormous and Chloe kiddie Minnie Mouse pancake was bigger than her head!  We had a mini Thanksgiving and a little birthday party for Chloe, which were awesome.  I cannot wait to visit again!  And next time, I will make sure I don’t have to work the same day I return.  That sucked utterly–my day started at 7am, spent over 3 hours in the car, got home just in time to carry my stuff in and change my clothes, then had to work until after 9pm.  Exceedingly LONG day for me.  But totally worth it to see my girls.

IMG_20141118_152409 IMG_20141118_152449

While meandering through Walmart, I happened to notice these.  I am fairly sure this was a whoopsie type of labeling boo-boo, though I can’t be sure, since you just never know with them.  Either way, these prices do seem a tad steep.  I did love the ‘R U Kidding’ note added by a delightfully witty customer or employee though.  I’m sure people did a double take when they noticed me–semi-crouching in front of the Christmas candy, taking pictures with my phone and giggling to myself rather excessively.  Lol.

IMG_20141116_150010  IMG_20141116_150119

The infamous pigs skating/sledding socks.  It’s okay to be jealous.

Randomosity:  Am I the only person who wonders how many dead bodies I pass on long drives past wooded and/or isolated areas?  I think I might be getting a pink mini Christmas tree from my secret Santa person.  I hope I have enough money to get at least some of the stuff I want to buy on Thursday.  God I hate being poor.  I can’t wait until Chloe gets to move into their new house so she can start getting involved with Gigi’s Playhouse and get into the awesome special education program available at her future school–I think it will be so much better for her.  I got the last of my fillings done today!  Now I just have to wait until May, then I can get my crowns and my bridge and, hopefully, I will finally have mostly decent teeth!  I’ve officially begun listening to Christmas music and wearing my Christmas socks!  I know, I know–but I just can’t stop myself from geeking out over Christmas.  I actually Redboxed a couple movies tonight, both horror movies of course.  The one I’m watching now is pretty good actually.  I think it’s Deliver Us From Evil or something like that.It’s not the greatest horror movie I’ve ever seen, but it isn’t bad.  I’m fairly certain that I’ve had my iPod for 10 years, which is kinda awesome, since it still works pretty well and all.  You know what would really suck?  Having a sneezing fit while hiding from a serial killer or zombies or something equally deadly.  I totally need that TWD game that you hook up to your t.v. and then you shoot zombies with the gun thingy it comes with–it looks way fun.  Tom is awesome–he totally took me to the meet-up location Friday, then picked me up on Sunday!  And it was, like, 2 hours from his house!  And Steve did the other half of the driving Miss Kenzie, which was totally cool and awesome of him.  Well, I am going to go eat dinner now, so I guess that’s it for tonight.

Toodles y’all!


4 thoughts on “My Nieces Are Pretty Awesome And Some Pics And Other Delights

  1. longchaps2

    Yep. The pigs sock ARE completely porktastic. No doubt about it. Lol. You have to share more. Oh and your niece is completely adorable. I see why you can’t wait to visit. Too bad they are so far away.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Why thank you! Don’t worry, I will totally be sharing lots more sock pics! And another thank you for recognizing the adorable-ness of my niece! I hate that I don’t see them more, but at least they are only 3.5 hours away now instead of 6.5 like they have been for ages, so there’s that. Oh, and porktastic is my new fave word of the week! Made me laugh out loud…a lot. 🙂


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