Christmas And Work And The (Exceedingly Unwelcome) Return Of The Creeping Crud And Other Bits


Yeah, so there was Christmas and all that, which was decidedly less than stellar.  I did get to spend time with Krystal and her offspring and Becky, which was pretty awesome, and Krystal got me a ZOMBIE CHIA PET!! Totally nifty gift, that.  Can’t wait to do that, seeing how it’s a zombie and a Chia Pet, which I always kind of wanted.  So, yay for that!  Also enjoyed hanging out with my cousins and such, though, once again, I was reminded why I have chosen not to procreate…ever.  And my fellow selectively-social shopping buddy for life, Robby, got me a cool looking game that is all kinds of Supernatural-ish and such, which should be really fun.  And I got to hang out with another baby that doesn’t hate me!  My little cousin, Axle, is super cute and smiley and totally doesn’t hate me!  So we hung out for a bit and bonded and all that.  And I got to see Chloe open the presents I got her on Skype on Christmas night.  I think she dug them, judging by her prolonged pantomime of drinking from the Santa cocoa mug and the squeal of, “Olaf!!” when she opened her big gift.  So, really, overall, not too bad of a Christmas, I reckon.  It’s just tough.  I usually end up feeling like I don’t belong.  Ever since my mom died, I haven’t ever truly felt included in the Christmases I have been invited to.  I feel like I’m intruding, that I am invited out of some feeling of obligation or pity, and am not actually considered one of them, but an outsider.  I know that this is mostly just my own feelings and insecurities rearing their ugly heads, but I can’t seem to shake this feeling of being an outsider.

One reason for my continued slacking on posting blogs, is that I am still working a lot of hours.  My poor body feels like it’s being put through the proverbial wringer over and over again.  I get so worn out that I just have no energy or inclination to do much of anything.  So, sorry y’all.  Hopefully the extra hours will diminish soon, then I can return to my normal, uber bloggy self once again.

I arranged a ride.  I switched shifts with my boss at work to get the day off.  Made plans with Carrie to meet up and spend some time with everyone and give Elise and Alex their xmas gifts.  Was extremely pleased with myself for getting everything all in order and such.  So, of course, the day after I made my arrangements and all, I woke up feeling like complete crap.  Once again, I am coughing and wheezing and sniffling and all that delightful sort of crap.  I find this an utterly loathsome development and am thoroughly irked at the audacity of this stupid creeping crud to choose this inconvenient time to launch its newest assault.  You’re a rat bastard, creeping crud.

Randomosity:  Another reason for my lack of posts is the annoying pain I’ve been having in my right hand.  Completely irritating.  And it hurts like heel-fire.  I love Carol Burnett as Ms. Hannigan in Annie.  I really wish my nose would stop running.  I wonder who decided to use the term ‘runny nose’ to describe it.  Like, why not drippy nose, or leaky nose or irritating-as-fuck nose?  Since there is no actual running going on, why settle on that one?  Although, I suppose the occasional dash for a tissue could count as running, I still think it’s a highly inaccurate terminology.  Just saying.  I totally bought a metal tea-light holder snowman.  I just HAD to get him!  He totally looks like he’s doing the Carlton dance (you know, from the show, Fresh Prince of Bel Air?)  It is beyond amusing, truly.  I forgot to mention that Krystal also gave me, like, a ton of beyond yummy cookies for Christmas.  Pretty sure I’ll end up weighing about as much as one of them folks who have to have a wall of their house removed to get them out.  Totally how I’m gonna end up by the time I eat all those cookies.  On the positive side, then I won’t have to leave my house!

Gotta fly, puddin’ pie!


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