Lionel Attends A Party, Almost The Best Day Of The Year, Documentaries Galore, And Bunches Of Other Blathers

He's such a party animal...

He’s such a party animal…

So on Sunday, Lionel and I attended Dany’s birthday party, which was quite enjoyable and such.  Lionel totally dug the luau theme, as you can see.  I was just beyond happy to actually make it to one of her birthday parties!  I hope she liked the owl stuff I got her.  She seemed to have an awesome time, and it was totally worth the whole battle-for-the-car thing I had to go through to get there.  (Won’t bore you with the details, let’s just say my aunt worries A LOT about winter weather driving)  And I didn’t even break out in hives with all the children shrieking and squealing and all that or from being around so many people I don’t know!  Yay me!

In less than 30 minutes, it will officially be the best day of the year y’all–my birthday!  That’s right, it will be the day to celebrate the fact that I exist!  You may be wondering what someone as awesome as me does on her birthday, well, I’ll tell you!  Nothing.  Nada.  I was supposed to work, but they had to cut hours so I won’t be working anymore.  I won’t be going out to eat or out partying or anything like that.  I might call Rae and see if she wants to go for our yearly Olive Garden yum-fest, which she always does for my birthday, cuz she loves me.  So maybe I lied, maybe I will do something.  Guess I’ll have to wait and see if Rae’s busy.  I am sad that I won’t get to hang with Tom and Noodle like I dd last year, but hopefully I’ll see them soon.  But seriously, everyone should totally celebrate my birthday, just ’cause it is a day of awesomeness!  Well, except for that one little exploding space shuttle thing that happened on my 9th birthday, which was super sad and all, but should totally not count against the day and such.  I hope I get a birthday card this year.  Wishing for a present seems a bit greedy and unrealistic, but a card would be nice.  So don’t forget y’all, celebrate this random blogger’s birthday!  Tell people you are required to be wacky and have fun because it’s, like, the best day of the year!

Yesterday and Monday, I spent far more time than I probably should have watching various documentaries on good old Netflix.  I watched several shows about animal attacks, during which I frequently pointed out to my cat that these sorts of incidents are just one more reason to avoid nature.  See, my theory is that if you go into the woods or the ocean or wherever, and you get munched on by one sort of beastie or another, you kinda have it coming. After all, it’s not their fault that we are below them on the food chain.  They were designed to eat creatures like us, therefore, they are simply doing what they are supposed to do.  Seriously, if you were a bear, wouldn’t you want to eat people?  No fur, no big old fangs, no horns or tusks or antlers–just soft, juicy meat in a nice, easy open package!  Dude, I would so be all over that if I was a bear!  Anyway, I also watched a couple episodes of Intervention and a documentary on Auschwitz and one on extreme OCD and a few others.  They were all pretty interesting.  Oh, and the animal attack one showed me a job that I will NEVER EVER do!  There are folks in Florida that are hired to go into the ponds and such on golf courses and retrieve lost golf balls.  Um…hello???  Does no one else realize what lives in those waters??  Alligators!  No way in Hell am I going in some stupid pond to fish out some stupid golf balls!  That is just begging an alligator to eat you!  No frickin’ thank you, I will pass.  There isn’t enough money in the world to make these seem like an appealing job in my book.  No way.

Randomosity:  So I almost had to be really mean to my cat the other day.  He peed on my bed!  I had to strip my bed and wash all my bedding and put new bedding on.  I was so not happy with his royal fur-butt.  He’s just lucky I’m not good at being mean.  All I could do was yell at him and shove the stinky bedding in his direction while I was carrying it to the laundry.  He has no reason to do this–he is ‘fixed’, his litter box wasn’t overly icky,and he doesn’t seem to have any sort of health issue.  He’s just an asshole, I guess.  Good thing he’s cute and that he seemed at least a tad ashamed of his behavior.  Not a lot mind you, just a tad.  I suppose I could have rubbed his nose in it, but, well, he’s a cat.  He doesn’t give a rat’s bahookey, not even a little.  Besides, I tried that once before, when he piddled in his kitty cube, and it didn’t stop him from doing it again as soon as he got a new cube.  I think I need a cat whisperer or something.  Using drugs just doesn’t seem all that appealing to me.  Sure, you get a nifty buzzy high thing going, but it just doesn’t seem worth the trade-off to me.  Bad teeth, nasty looking skin and hair, stoner eyes, damaged brain cells, paranoia–none of that seems all that great in my opinion.  Besides, I totally don’t want to stick needles in my veins or snort stuff up my nose–ew.  I kind of have the munchies.  I wish I could do makeup like they do on Face Off.  Omg, wouldn’t it be bad-ass if I won the huge Powerball jackpot on my birthday?!?!?  Of course, I’d have to have money to buy tickts, so that kinda shoots that down LOL.  I miss getting a birthday cake.  I remember when Caron would make me a carrot cake every year for my birthday–those were way yummy.  I really need a hair cut.  Why is the Trix animal a rabbit?  Why not a wombat or a kangaroo or a friendly sort of mountain lion?  When I get my taxes, I am totally going to get my hair dyed and cut and all that.  And I want to get a Kindle Fire and a new TV that doesn’t make all the people around the edges look ill because the picture is going bad, and maybe a Blu-ray player that has Netflix.  I hope I get to Skype with Chloe for my birthday.

Peace out, lake trout!


Game On, Bitches…You Are Screwing With The Wrong Woman


Warning: This blog may contain traces of nastiness and pissiness and all sorts of other nesses that are not at all cheerful or warm and fuzzy.  In other words, fasten your seat belts kiddies, this is gonna be one bitchy blog!

Okay, so I have mentioned my annoying health issues in the past, particularly my asthma and this stupid VCD crap and all that.  Well, in case you didn’t notice, I’ve been sick for a while now…again.  Like, 2 months of hacking and wheezing and feeling shitty.  Fun, right??  I have been to the doctor 3 times and the ER 3 times.  I have done every single thing they have told me to do.  I have been on one steroid or another for close to 3 weeks, and I have taken one antibiotic for a day, then switched to a different one for 10 days, then got a shot of antibiotics.  I have taken cough medicine and Mucinex and decongestants and cold pills.  I have done regular breathing treatments and tried to rest as much as possible, but not too much.  I have had doctors and respiratory therapists tell me my lungs sound crappy, and I have had others say they sound fine.  AND I AM STILL FUCKING SICK!  So I went to the doctor yesterday.  She said that I should be getting better, but I’m not, and she doesn’t know why.  She listened to my lungs and said they still sound crappy.  She recommended that I go to the ER so they could run some tests and whatnot and figure out what’s wrong.  So I did.  They gave me a breathing treatment, diagnosed me with a cough (seriously folks, that was my diagnosis), and sent me home with some cough syrup (which I was VERY happy about as I am relatively sure I will literally cough up a lung any time now).  The ER doc also told me that I was to call my pulminologist today and make an appointment to be seen within 48 hours.  When I told him that I doubted they would schedule me that soon, he told me to inform them that he said I HAVE to be seen, that it’s not optional.  Yeah.  So I called my pulminologist and tried to schedule a follow-up appointment.  I was told I would receive a callback with an appointment.  Instead, a nurse calls me back and asks me bunches of questions, which I answered with barely any irritation in my voice, then she told me she would talk to the doc and call me back. Hours later, I called back to see what was up.  When she finally returned my call, she informed me that my pulminologist, without seeing me or talking to me himself, decided the whole sick thing is just my vocal chord thing, that it isn’t my asthma.  I am ashamed to admit that I pretty much lost my shit entirely at that point.  Not only did this doctor completely ignore the ER docs order for a follow-up appointment, he didn’t even offer to schedule one in the near future!  Instead, I was told to do nasal rinses or whatever and the vocal chord exercises for a couple weeks, then call if I am still having issues.  The fact that this arrogant son of a bitch blew me off like this was a tad infuriating.  He didn’t even acknowledge the symptoms I have that totally don’t fit his stupid VCD diagnosis!  Ever since he decided I have this vocal chord problem, he has refused to acknowledge anything else or address anything else.  When I told him the therapy lady flat-out told me that the exercises wouldn’t help the perfume issue, and that this has become a huge problem for me, he just told me to remember the exercises and everything would be fine!  And now he says that none of this sickness is my asthma, it’s all due to the VCD thing, even though that doesn’t fit the symptoms.  WTF??  I am beyond livid and I have had enough.  I am done letting these medical jerks treat me like an insignificant moron who is unworthy of any respect or consideration.  I do not understand why they refuse to listen to me…I’m the one who has dealt with my body and all its issues my whole life, for cryin’ out loud!  These people have no idea what hell it is to be sick like this week after week after week, while every doc you see tells you something different and passes you on to the next one without a second thought.  It makes me feel like I’m some hysterically over-dramatic, insignificant loser who simply needs to buck up and stop being sick, apparently through willpower alone.  Just for the record, being sick is not fun.  I do not like coughing and hacking and wheezing and feeling like I can’t breathe and such.  None of this is enjoyable for me.  I do not want attention.  I do not want to get out of work.  I do not want pity.  What I want is simple–I want to feel better, damn it.  And I don’t want it to take weeks or months to get better.  I don’t want to feel panicky over missing work and losing money and making things harder for the girls I work with.  I hate the way people look at me when I’m hacking and wheezing and such–like I’m the next Typhoid Mary or some shit.  I hate ending up in the hospital, where I am alone and miserable and uncomfortable and bored.  I never expect visitors, nor do I get any beyond my aunt bringing me stuff I want/need from home.  Seriously, there is nothing appealing about being sick.

Tomorrow, I am going to my regular doctor with an actual list of my symptoms and concerns, and I am going to try to get her to help me get this crap taken care of.  Wish me luck.

Well, now that that is out of the way, onto more typically me sorts of blatherings!

Randomosity:  Okay, this may be a tad offensive-ish to some folks, but I just can’t help what pops into my head, and this is what popped up there yesterday while I was driving.  Has anyone else ever noticed that Kiwi fruit looks rather like a testicle?  And who saw one of those and thought it looked like food?  Like, seriously, if you had never seen one before, and someone handed you a kiwi, would you immediately want to eat it?  Hell no!  It looks like a dude’s dangly bit, all hairy and weird and such–definitely not food-ish looking.  I am totally psyched that the movie Annabelle comes out on Redbox next week!  The day before my birthday, to be exact!  I am so going to get rent that movie!  I really need new slippers, the insole thingy is starting to come loose and they’re looking all ratty and such.  Not sure if I want 2 pairs of slippers, one regular pair and one of the boot variety, or if I just want slipper boots.  I shall have to ponder that one for a bit.  Rae gave me new Grinch jammy pants for Christmas!  They are super cute and I can’t wait to wear them, even though they are not as ginormously huge as I usually wear my jammy pants.  I think they probably fit like jammy pants are actually supposed to fit, which is awkward since the Grinch pants are at least 2 sizes smaller than I would usually wear.  Hey!  I just realized that it is officially Wednesday, the 21st, which means it is officially Dany’s birthday!

dany dance recital 12.7.14

Happy birthday to my adorable niece, Miss Danyka Rae, who is turning 6 today!!

And happy exactly one week until my bday to me I guess, lol.  Why aren’t there more tap-dancing squirrels?  Why don’t they sell clothes for pet tarantulas?  Not that I can undersand why on earth anyone would ever want one of those creepy critters, but some folks do, and they probably wish they could get them little spidery outfits and tiny little jaunty hats and such.  Well, I guess they aren’t that little, really.  But whatever, their owners still probably wish they could dress them up and whatnot. I want a pet duck.  Ducks are much nicer and less dastardly than chickens, and they definitely do not want to eat our faces off.  Totally better than chickens.  (sorry Noodle, but it’s true)  Noodle can have her chickens, I’ll have a little pet ducky and someday, I’ll have a giant metal duck and Noodle will have her giant metal chicken, and we will be the coolest bitches EVER. Knock Knock, Motherfuckers!  (In case you are sadly uninformed, the giant metal chicken and it’s greeting are from the genius mind of the one and only Bloggess, who is my hero.  Find her blog and stalk it y’all.)  Do ducks have nails on their adorably webby feet?  If so, I would totally paint my ducks nails.

Gotta go, flamingo!

Drug Dealers…I Thought They’d Be Taller And Maybe A Bit Further Along With The Whole Puberty Thing, I Still Super-Hate People, Return Fraud Is Totally Still Stealing, And More Riveting Pointlessness


So I’m watching this drug documentary show, and it is just chock full of blog fodder.  First off, I was unaware that drug cartel runners or mules or whatever the hell they are, ride ATVs for hours to bring the drugs across the border.  Now, if I was a drug cartel person, which I totally don’t think I would be particularly good at since you have to be all murdery and scary and such, and I can’t even scare my cat (and would feel horrible if I did and would be forced to coo and cuddle him and such until my guilt subsided, cuz I’m kinda marshmallow-y and all), but anyway, if I was a cartel sort of gal, I would totally use the whole ATV thing as a selling point to entice folks.  I’d be all, “Not only to you get to be all rebel-y and such, and make a little cash, but you also get to ride an ATV!  For, like, hours!  Get a tan and have a blast, riding through miles of open-range desert!  Yay!”  Totally stellar selling point, in my humble opinion.  But anywho, they showed some drug dealers on this show.  Yeah.  Pretty sure they’re, like, 12.  They’re all, “We don’t play around with these fools.  We always ready to pop off.  Blah blah blah, more drug dealer gangster stuff…”  But seriously, they looked like junior high schoolers!  And it did not help that one of them was waving his gun around, trying to look all bad-ass, and the gun is this tiny little thing that looks like one of those novelty lighters or something.  Maybe they need a time out…or a hug.  Either way, it was rather distressing to see these teens acting like hardened thugs while looking like kids too young to grow facial hair.

This show also showed folks committing return fraud, which is where they walk into a store, take something off the shelf, then return it–all without ever removing the stuff from the store.  The girl they showed doing this said, more than once, that she wasn’t actually stealing anything.  Like somehow this practice was totally kosher and whatnot.  Um…not so much.  She was totally stealing!  She took money for items that were never sold, which is STEALING.  Morons.  We had a problem with this happening at our store, so now we don’t allow any returns without a receipt, and we have to tear all receipts in half before throwing them in the garbage when customers don’t want them.  Take that steal-y drug-face jerks!

Aaaaaand I still loathe people.  Shocking, I know.  But, damn, people are annoying!  And having to be nice to them???  TORTURE!  Retail is a great way to test your ability to resist the urge to commit homicide, no matter how justified it may seem at the time.  Though you may want to seek new employment once the temptation to throttle the next idiot who walks across your freshly mopped floor with their muddy ass shoes becomes almost irresistible.  Probably.

Randomosity:  I am so freaking fed up with being sick.  Maybe I’m just not cool enough to get it, but the who;e meth/heroin/crack/whatever thing just doesn’t seem appealing to me.  Like, I just don’t get it folks.  For one thing, I am so not sticking a needles in my arm and such, nor am I tempted to smoke odd substances from a icky-looking pipe thingy.  I don’t much like the idea of scarring myself up due to picking at imagined bugs or whatever or from needle tracks.  I have enough issues with my teeth, I am definitely not interested in doing anything that notoriously leaves users with broken, blackened stubs of teeth.  Just eeww.  Why aren’t trapper keepers cool anymore?  I’d really like a pair of boots with fringe on them–preferably suede.  I’m totally going to use the super-hate thing from the dumb Lego Movie, which, in case you haven’t seen it (and trust me, your not really missing much), Superman is being pestered by Green Lantern all the time and he eventually tells Green Lantern that he supe-hates him, which totally made me laugh.  I watched a movie called The Call last night, and it was actually pretty darn good.  Especially the end.  I recommend watching it at least once.  I might even want to own that one…not sure.  Either way, it was pretty good.  Remember when Lisa Frank stuff was still cool?  Yeah, now it’s dollar store crap.  Rather sad, that.  I’d make a terrible look=out person.  I’d be all, “I am totally going to be vigilant and on guard and…omg that is the cutest kitten!  No!  Guard guard guard.  Okay, focused on vigilance once ag-where’s my phone?  I just had it!  I swear, I lose everythi-oh, oops…wrong pocket…here it is.  Okay, so I am now totally ready to be a guard-ish and whatnot.  Yep.  Guarding stuff.  That’s what I’m doing.  Uh-huh.  God I’m bored.  Luckily, I brought a book.  I’ll just sit and read it and be all guard-y and stuff at the same time.  And god, I really need to clean under my nails!  Now, where is that darn nail file?  I know I put it in my purse, now where is it?”  And it would just go downhill from there.  Probably I should avoid that sort of job/task.

It’s been a laugh, giraffe!

The Creeping Crud Is A Diabolically Vile Bastard, Quality Asby Time, One Hella Awesome Gift, And Other Blatherings


Okay, okay, I know I’m getting a bit redundant and whatnot, but I am beyond sick of being sick.  Seriously, this shit is so far beyond old.  I’m tired of coughing.  I’m tired of wheezing.  I’m tired of feeling exhausted and worn out all the time.  I’m tired of taking nasty ol’ Prednisone.  I just want to go back to work tomorrow and not feel like I’m dying.  And I AM going to work tomorrow, damn it.  I don’t care if it kills me, I am going back to work tomorrow.  So, wish me luck y’all.

So, I totally got to spend some time with my Asbys yesterday afternoon, which was way awesome.  Since I’m all unwell and such, they had to come to my house which, since they’re awesome, they were totally willing to do.  I scored at least one yay from each of them–my Noodle loved her fat sheep jammy pants, Zaya was digging his slippers and books and such, Micah pretty much lost himself in his book, and I’m pretty sure Tom dug his friend deco thingy.  It was so nice to get to see them, to spend time with my nephews and Tom and Noodle.  Hopefully it won’t be so long before I get to see them again.  It was so cool of them to come visit!  And my oh so awesome Asby’s gave me an ah-mazing present!  I GOT A SUPER FANCY CAMERA!!!!  It’s one of those digital SLR cameras and it has 2 different lenses and everything!  How awesome is that?!?!

To say I was surprised would be something of an understatement.

To say I was surprised would be something of an understatement.

LOL...What a dork

LOL…What a dork

Randomosity:  I’m watching a horror movie that I thought would be entertainingly cheesy and all, but instead, it’s actually pretty good.  And rather amusing–intentionally!  It’s called Crawlspace and I’m kinda digging it actually.  The antibiotic I’m on has this thing saying I can’t have any dairy products within 2 hours of taking the pill.  So now I’m all “What the hell?  Unless I actually see milk, how the hell would I know what has milk in it?  I mean, obviously cheese and ice cream and all that have milk, but beyond the obvious crap, I don’t fricking know!  And how much milk constitutes something being too dairy-ish??  This generalities crap just doesn’t cut it!  I need some specifics here people!”  Seriously, my antibiotic is stressing me out, and that just seems wrong somehow.  I really need to get a little stick-type handle vacuum thingy.  I hate not being able to vacuum my room without battling the mammoth monstrosity my aunt has.  That thing reminds me of the one that ate the kid’s wooby in Mr. Mom.  I’m glad it’s not as cold outside as it was the last few days.  This movie shows people using the toilet substantially more than most movies, which is rather interesting really.  Like, did the movie folks have some sort of toilet fetish or something?  I would make a really awful exterminator/pest control person, seeing as how bugs and spiders and skittering/slithering/creeping critters make me turn into a total girl, complete with flailing hands and shrieking and the icky-ew-nasty dance.  What, exactly, is the purpose of throw pillows?  I mean, I know that, in theory, they’re supposed to look all pretty and homey and such, but usually they just end up looking too kitsch-y and not in a good sort of way.  (wow, spelled kitsch right on the first try!)  And yes, there is a good sort of kitsch-y.  So my movie just ended and it wasn’t too bad.  It was extremely predictable, especially the very end, but still, it was amusing and action-y and such.  On to the next potentially cheesy horror flick, Apartment 1303.  We had free movie channels the last couple days, so I have all sorts of delightful crap to watch now.  I was bummed when I discovered I had missed the first couple days of the free channels, but still ended up with bunches to watch, so it’s all good.  Guess I’ll stop blogging now and watch my flick!

Gotta hit the road, toad!

Not To Sound All Repetitive And Such, But Being Sick Sucks Ass, And Super Cold Weather Sucks, And People Suck, And Some Other Stuff That Doesn’t Suck


I know, I know, the title is just way too chipper and positive and all that, but I’m just can’t help it, I’m delightful like that.

So, shockingly, I’m still feeling like deep-fried dog crap (not one single word, bitter boy!).  I didn’t go to work because my stupid asthma is just getting more stupidly annoying every damn day.  So I made a doctor’s appointment, but ended up just dragging my pathetically miserable self over to the E.R., which is much closer than the doctor’s office.  The nurse took a listen and told me my lungs sounded fine, no wheezing or anything.  The doctor said basically the same thing.  I was sitting there, feeling thoroughly baffled, seeing as how I not only feel awful, I’ve heard myself wheezing a lot over the last several days.  Then the Respiratory Therapist lady came in to give me a nebulizer treatment, and then she listened to my lungs…and told me I sounded terrible–all wheezy and such.  When I told her what the nurse and doc had said, she listened to me again, looked utterly baffled, and again said I sounded awfully unhealthy and that maybe the doc needed to have another listen.  About an hour later, the nurse came in, gave me some Prednisone and a prescription for cough medicine and a work note thingy, informed me that was all I would need, that I was barely even having an actual flare-up, told me to follow up with my doc if I feel it necessary, and walked out.  WTF?  It seems to me that the R.T. wouldn’t have said I sounded terrible if I was ‘barely having a flare-up’.  So now I’m probably going to end up either back in the E.R. since I would actually like to be able to breathe and such (I’m kind of high maintenance that way).  Oh, and added bonus, my insurance won’t cover the cough medicine and I don’t have any money until Friday.  So I got a few Prednisone and nothing else to help me get better.  The medical profession can be utterly useless and ridiculous.  Siiiiiiigh.

So we got snow yesterday–lots of it, which actually wasn’t totally sucky.  I kind of love snow.  I know, I’m whacko, but I can’t help it.  Snow is pretty and I just love watching it and seeing everything all white and sparkly.  Don’t get me wrong, driving in it is not my favorite thing, but I’m used to it so whatever.  Anywho, now Mother Nature has decided to go completely postal and make it cold as all get out.  Thursday is supposed to get down to, like, 20 below or some shit.  And it’s already below zero now.  Just yuck.

Once again, I must reiterate that people suck.  In the last week, I have had to repackage underwear (shocking!), curtains, socks, toys, ornaments, some t.v. cord thingy, craft crap, pet toys, shower curtains, a curtain rod, and other miscellaneous crap.  I have had to clean up a nasty, stinky WD-40 mess and watch morons parade across my freshly mopped floors.  I have listened to people bitch about ridiculously irrelevant stuff in a manner than would lead you to believe it was of life or death importance.  I have had a customer tell me, all nonchalantly, that they can’t stand (insert horridly inappropriate racial slur which I refuse to repeat) as casually as if they were discussing the weather.  I had to deal with 4 perfume induced-asthma attacks in one shift, and have had to listen to countless people comment on my cough.  So, as I have mentioned once or twice, I hate people.

On the non-sucky front, I got to hang out with Caron and Dany for a bit on Saturday afternoon to give them their Christmas presents.  I think they liked them…I hope they did.  Caron gave me an awesome zombie calendar that I have never seen before and an adorable little tissue packet that says ‘I heart Zombies’ and a candle that smells like alcohol and a chocolate bar!  It was super awesome to get to spend some time with them.  I can’t believe how big Dany’s getting and how hilariously snarky she can be with poor Caron (sorry buddy, but my niece is soooooo much like her mother!)  Another wicked nifty thing on the non-sucky front is that I will be spending some time with my Asby’s this Saturday, which will be awesome-sauce!  And my family is awesome!  My sis and everyone gave me an Amazon gift card!!!!  Big thanks to Carrie and Steve and Elise and Chloe and Drew!!!!!  I haven’t even used it all yet, and I already got a bunch of eBooks!!!!  That’s right folks, my adoration can be bought with zombie stuff and books.

Randomosity:  My birthday is coming up, so I’ve decided to be all helpful and such and make a little list of possible gift ideas.  I know, totally considerate, right?  So, here goes: Walking Dead jammy pants, Walking Dead bobble-heads and/or action figures, slipper boots, a zombie pillow buddy thing, zombie Yahtzee, books (feel free to request a list of possible titles), quirky socks (no no-show or mismatched), the Walking Dead shooting game thingy that hooks to the t.v. or whatever, Quelff board game, Joe Boxer jammy pants, Joe Boxer thermals, The Book Thief movie, The Impossible movie, Criminal Minds and CSI:NY, seasons 6 and up, and anything else awesome.  I totally have a wombat stuffed animal.  I think I shall name him Winston Englebert Waffler Cuddlkins.  Fairly sure that’s what I’m going with.  I now own Minion boxers.  Be jealous, trust me.  I kind of want ice cream.  Does anyone else find the Salt and Pepa commercial amusing?  The end, with the guy pushing the lawn mower and saying, “I’m pushing it, I’m pushing it real good”–cracks me up.  It sounds almost raunchy, but not quite, since it’s the lyrics of the song and all.  Doesn’t matter though, it just amuses the hell out of me.  The Odd Thomas series, by Dean Koontz, is rather awesomely entertaining.  Kind of a bummer that I’m almost done with the series.  But I have a ton of stuff to read on my Kindle app, so it’s cool.

Gotta jet, marmoset!