A Walking Dead WTF, The Coolest Pet Name EVER, People Are Nasty, And Other Irrelevant Nonsense


SPOILER ALERT!! SPOILER ALERT!! Do not read the following paragraph if you have not watched Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead!!  You have been warned, y’all.

Okay, so that episode?  I sat there, watching this beautifully done episode, and repeatedly asked the screen, “What The Entire Fucking Fuck?!?”  I truly couldn’t believe they killed off yet another key player. In fact, between asking the above question, I was also saying, “No.  No way are you going to do this.  No. Frickin’. Way.”  But they did it.  They killed off Tyreese.  First Beth, now Tyreese.  What are these people doing to us?  What have we ever done to deserve this?  They are coming dangerously close to the most off-limits characters, like Darryl and Glenn and Maggie and Rick and Michonne.  Just for the record Walking Dead makers–Don’t. Even. Think. About. It.  Anyway, was anyone else hollering, “Cut it off!  Hurry up!! Cut it off, damn it!”, like, seconds after he got bitten?  I was have a mini little spaz fit over that one.  It’s not like this was a new sort of injury to Tyreese-can you say Hershal??  And why was he standing there staring at those pictures for such a long time?  And where did random white guy zombie come from?  And did it bother anyone else that he apparently gets to spend eternity hanging out with the crazy stabby kid?  I’m sorry, but I think I would definitely leave her out of my eternity loop–that girl was bat-shit!  The little sister? Fine. Hop-along Bob?  Dandy.  Beth?  Groovy.  Crazy, stabby Lizzy?  No thanks.  Still, even though this episode made me rather crazy, I cannot wait until the next episode!

I happened to be walking through the living room while my aunt was watching an episode of one of those picky-as-hell-folks-shop-for-new-digs shows.  The couple on the show had 2 hairless cats, one named Newt Gingrich, which isn’t bad.  The other cat, though, had the best name EVER.  Her name was…(wait for it!)…(drum roll please)…SCARLET NOHAIRA!!  Hahahahahahahahahahaha.  I about keeled over laughing.  That made me laugh as much as that Geico commercial, the one with the Rick, the screamy (scape)goat (which you should totally hunt down asap if you haven’t seen it yet!).

We have a couple that comes into our store, fairly regularly, and they seem like nice enough folks.  The problem is, they smell horridly raunchy.  Like, I have smelled roadkill that was less olfactorily (spellcheck is stupid ’cause that is totally a word!  Webster’s says so, so there!) offensive than these folks.  They leave a miasma of funk in the air that lasts long after they are gone.  Between folks like them, and those who wipe their own poo all over our bathroom, it’s a wonder more retail workers don’t go postal. (although, really, going retail should be a thing too.)  Oh, and the female stinky person threw me off entirely a couple weeks ago, when she asked me to borrow some money.  Seriously?  What part of that request seems acceptable?  Who asks a random retail worker to loan them money??  And, I work retail for crying out loud!  How much money do you think I’m going to have?  Good grief.

Randomosity:  I have discovered I rather dig Dean Koontz books in general.  He has an enviable ability to utilize and play with words that I find absolutely delightful. The show, Castle, is pretty darn amusing, and quite interesting.  I’ve been binge watching it the last couple days, and have decided I enjoy the show immensely. I was watching Face Off and Project Runway Allstars (in my defense, some of the clothes they come up with and the way they create them can be down right fascinating), and I got all “omg!” when I recognized a model in each show from another guilty pleasure, America’s Next Top Model. Then I realized that I’m pretty much a complete nerd that reads too much and, apparently, watches far too much mindless crap on t.v.  Not that I have any intention on giving up either my books or my crappy t.v., mind you, just sharing a realization.  I totally think I should get a dog someday.  And maybe a bunny.  And a little hedgehog.  And maybe a sugar glider.  And an adorable little tree frog.  Maybe a turtle.  Oh!  And a spider monkey!  I can’t wait to Skype with Chloe tomorrow!  So wish I could go see her this weekend, but I can’t ’cause I have to work.  Siiigh.  Oh well.  Geesh, my cat snores loudly sometimes!  I saw this pair of lime green rain boots with little pink flamingos all over them, and I totally want a pair!  I am so not looking forward to working the next 5 nights, especially the night I have to run the register the whole shift, which I hate ’cause I almost always have at least 2 customers wearing too much perfume, which makes me cough and hack and choke and wheeze and all that, which is all sorts of unpleasant. Which, of course, no one really gets since they have never experienced that delightful sort of misery.  But, as usual, I will just suck it up and do what I have to do.  Siigh…again.  I really need a nice, portable, wearable bubble to keep all the evil perfume and cologne at bay.

Gotta go, buffalo!


People Who Rocked My Birthday, People Who Make Me Want To Throat-Punch Them, So Much Snow, And Miscellaneous Mumblings


So I totally got some stuff for my birthday!  My favorite fellow selectively-social shopping buddy for life awesome cousin, Robby, actually drove all the way to my house at like, 9:00 at night, which is normally kind of close to his bedtime, since he gets up at the bahookey crack of dawn for work, at took me to dinner!  He also got me a hilarious card and the most awesomely adorable little Darryl key chain thingy and a nifty little journal to write down the people and incidents that irk me on a daily basis.  And when we were done with our dinner (I totally had breakfast for dinner!), I got free pie ’cause it was my birthday!  Then, the next day, Rae took me out for my yearly Olive Garden yum-fest and I got my usual cheese ravioli with Alfredo sauce and my uber yummy black tie mousse cake!  And Virginia and Ronald gave me a birthday card with some delightful cash in it.  Oh, and Robby also brought me carrot cake for my birthday!!  So I totally got a birthday cake!  I bet some of y’all are jealous that my cousin is so awesome, and you should be. So a big thank you to Robby and Rae and the aunt and uncle for my birthday stuffs, and another huge thank you to Caron and Carrie and Elise and Chloe and Tom and everyone else who text me or called me or Facebook-ed me birthday wishes!  I am truly grateful for every single one of them!

I hate to be all repetitive and such, but people irritate the hell out of me.  The other night at work, we had, like 5 customers come in during the last 5 minutes we were open, and one woman was there until 5 minutes after we closed!  And she’s one of our regulars, so she knew damn well what time we closed, and she still came in right before and stayed after!  And then she had the audacity to get all snarky and sweary and such because we didn’t have Crispex or Chex cereal, which she needed because she had to have 50 bags of that puppy chow stuff made by 7 the next morning.  Like it’s our fault her dumb ass waited until 9:00 the night before to get off her ass and go get the ingredients to make the stupid stuff!  This chick is always kind of a bitch, but that night she was in rare form.  I so wanted to throat-punch her and then shove her out the door so we could close the damn store. Seriously, who on earth thinks this sort of behavior is acceptable???

I should be at work right now but, luckily, they closed the store early due to our delightful weather.  Which is a good thing, since there is no way I could have dug the cars out.

You can't see it that well, but the snow is up past the rear bumper.

You can’t see it that well, but the snow is up past the rear bumper.

Don't think we'll be using the picnic table anytime soon...

Don’t think we’ll be using the picnic table anytime soon…

It snowed and snowed and snowed and snowed some more, dumping what looks like a zillion inches of snow, which in reality is probably more like 8-10 inches or so, maybe a bit more.  Luckily, our neighbor just finished clearing our driveway with his snow blower, which is awesome since, between my aunt and uncle’s ages and ailments, and my stupid asthma and The Cough, we’re not exactly the shoveling sort of folks.  I hope I can get some more pics tomorrow, showing how high the drifts and plow piles and such are.

Randomosity:  Why do people always try to say that the stuff cops find in their pockets isn’t theirs?  Like, do they think anyone is going to believe that?  That someone snuck up on them and slipped illegal stuff into their pocket without them noticing?  I’m pretty sure I would notice someone putting stuff in my pocket.  And even if I did somehow miss them doing this, I’m fairly certain I would feel the new arrival at some point. Mint Oreos are pretty darn yummy.  One week from tonight, my show comes back on!!!  Yay for The Walking Dead!!  I cannot wait!  I totally wonder what’s going to happen now.  I think the pics Robby and I are going to take will be awesome.  Hopefully we can go out Saturday, weather permitting…I’ll have to check with him about that one.  Making cops chase you just makes them really pissed off by the time they catch you.  Just saying. I kind of want to watch a movie, but I kinda want to keep watching Cops.  I think I’m going to have another piece of carrot cake fore dessert.  I got a couple new books for a birthday present from me, to me.  Wasn’t that nice of me?  I’m very thoughtful that way.  Anyway, I already read two of them, and I can’t wait to read the rest.  I have another couple books waiting on hold at Half Price Books still, ’cause I just never seem to run out of books I want to read/reread.  Letting me go to a bookstore without supervision and expecting me to leave without buying books is like handing meth to a tweaker and telling them not to use it. (whatever, spell check, tweaker is so totally a word!)  Carrot cake time!

Gotta scat, meerkat!  (Damn it, meerkat is a fricking word, spell check!)