Green-Free Viewing, People I Want To Smack, My Laptop Drama, And Other Blatherings


Okay kiddies, I got bunches of stuff to tell you about, so hang on to your butts!

So I got my tax refund back, like, way quicker than I thought I would.  The day after I got it, I summoned my fave shopping buddy for life cousin, Robby, and went shopping.  Now, I would like to point out that I went out into the dangerous shopping world with actual money in my account, which is way rare.  And I didn’t go nuts! I did pretty darn good actually, if I do say so myself.  I went to Half Price Books and only spent $25, which is nothing short of astounding, really.  Then I went to Best Buy, and didn’t buy anything!  Not even the Kindle I am still contemplating!  Then, I went to Walmart to get my t.v. and Blu-ray player.  I got a nifty 32″ t.v. and a nice little Blu-ray player that makes it so I can watch Netflix on my t.v., which is totally awesome-sauce! So now I don’t have to see greenish tinged people and such when I’m watching t.v.!  And it’s waaaay bigger than my old t.v., which was apparently a 19″ or something.  So now I watch t.v. and think stuff like, “Nobody’s green!” or “Wow, that dudes pores are ginormous!” and enjoy myself immensely.  And, just for the record, I didn’t buy any movies that day–not a single one!  Seriously, folks should be totally impressed by my astonishing show of self-restraint here.

I really wish it was kosher to Gibbs-smack people when they annoy me with excessive stupidity.  Like the folks at my delightful place of work that stand there, watch me open packages and put stuff on the shelf, then ask if I work there.  Or the guy at Walmart that acted like I was buying all this ridiculously unnecessarily excessive stuff just ’cause I got my taxes back.  (Which was totally unfair since I waited to get a new t.v. until my old t.v. went haywire.  I didn’t just want a newer, shinier doo-dad or anything like that.)  Or the lady that asked me, after entering my workplace sometime in the afternoon, if we were open.  Or the same Walmart guy mentioned about that continued to to talk me into buying a 50″ t.v., even after I explained to him that I neither wanted nor needed a t.v. that large, nor could I fit such a monstrosity in my room.  Seriously, I loathe stupid people.

My laptop has lost its frickin’ mind.  I have apparently picked up some Malware or a virus or something like that, and now the laptop won’t behave itself.  I can’t even play my Sims game!  I was worried that I would have to buy a whole new laptop but, luckily, I found a service that will fix the laptop remotely for a reasonable price. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon!

Oh!  The tech is calling! I’ll have to finish this later!

Gotta fly, pizza pie!


2 thoughts on “Green-Free Viewing, People I Want To Smack, My Laptop Drama, And Other Blatherings

  1. longchaps2

    Congrats, the aliens have left your t.v. Say no to green, lol. I commend your restraint. Now you can have fun stretching your shopping out. Yeah. Maybe invest in some earplugs. When people ask you stupid questions you can point at your ears and say “I can’t HEAR you!” Yeah. Earplugs.

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