Addiction Is Just So Ugly, Sanity Returns To My Computer, I Hate Straightening Clothes, And Other Gripping Crap


I’m fairly certain that there should be some sort of twelve-step program for folks addicted to those evil Sims.  And maybe whoever created The Sims 3 and all it’s evil minion games should be beaten or something.  This damn game is going to be the end of me.  Ever since I discovered that every single piece of clothing and decor can be customized, I just can’t stop playing.  Of course, I haven’t actually played much, just spent hours and hours and hours making stuff all kinds of cooler and prettier and such.  I just sit there saying things like, “Well, that is a nifty shirt, but the color is just not okay,  I must fix this.”  And then I do.  In fact, I usually make several far more appealing options for every single solitary item I select.  It’s disgusting, really.  And addicting beyond belief.  And, in case there is any doubt, I will totally be playing once again as soon as I am finished with this post.  Sad but true.

My laptop is all better now!  The super nice tech lady removed the detestable malware and now my adorable laptop is behaving herself once again.  I did feel awfully sorry for the poor tech though…it took her EIGHT HOURS to fix my poor little pc.  So glad the tech lady could fix my poor malware-ified computer!

So I had to tackle straightening the clothes section at work tonight.  Now, this may not sound like hell on earth, but, trust me, it is.  See, the problem is that no one likes straightening the stupid clothes, so we just sort of skim that section.  Quickly.  Like, zip down the aisle, pick up any crap on the floor, shove it on the rack somewhere, and get out of there.  Unfortunately, we have inventory this week, so the damn clothes have to be tidied up.  Lucky me, I got chosen for this task.  It took me all damn night to wade through that mess.  Had to basically redo the entire thing, since almost every single thing was in the wrong place and clearance crap was all mixed in with regular priced stuff and tons of it needed to be rehung and all that sort of crap.  I hate every single article of crap clothing I came into contact with.  All of it.  Hate it a lot.  Siiigh.

Randomosity:  Okay, seriously Walking Dead, WTEFF????  Feeling a bit homicidal this season, are we?  Geesh.  I mean, yay for Eugene growing a pair and all, but could ya maybe stop killing off our people now?  There is a whole town of irrelevant folks available for senseless slaughter now, could ya maybe dip into that pool a bit and back up off the ones that count?  Just sayin’.  Hmm…it would appear that, in the process of being fixed, my computer has lost it’s little dictionary thingy, as it keeps freaking out over my word choices.  I just had to re-add randomosity and sayin’, which I totally added, like, forever ago.  I had to go to the dentist this week, since, after 2 or 3 weeks of pain, I had to admit that my toothache wasn’t going to be nice and go away on its own for me.  My dentist is still way awesomer than yours, despite the fact that having dental repairs done is rarely a pleasant, pain-free experience.  It really wasn’t too awful though, except for the part where they said I might have to go to, horror of horrors, a different dentist to have a root canal done.  Yeah, totally not happening.  I will suffer or have the damn tooth pulled before I will go to the other dentist place.  I went to this place once in the past, and it still stands as the most horrendously traumatic dental experience I’ve ever had.  The damn dentist guy pounded the filling crap into my poor tooth so brutally that my face swelled on that side and I was in so much pain that I couldn’t do anything but sit and cry.  And that was just a filling!   I cannot imagine, nor do I want to even attempt to contemplate, how torturous a root canal would be.  Why aren’t there any naturally pink turtles?  Why do monkeys fling their poo?  Mother dick, porch dick, dolphin smooth–verbal delights I got from TWD, for which I am eternally grateful.

Gotta go, dodo!


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