Seasonm Finales Are The Work Of The Devil, Who Needs Brakes When There’s Bricks, And Some Other Odd Bits Of Pointlessness


Oh how I love The Walking Dead and how I loathe the detestable time period between the season finale and the next season’s premiere!  Curse you AMC for putting me through this wretched sort of purgatory!  I must applaud the season finale though, it was really rather delightful–full of edge-of-my-seat moments and loads of “OMG” moments and yelling at people and all that good stuff.  And it wasn’t some horrible, nerve-wracking cliff-hanger and they didn’t kill off bunches of people and make me all mad and such, so yay for that.  I so cannot wait for next season!  The “W” wolf whackos and Morgan and the town and Scarol and all the zillion other things I’m all psyched up about….I just don’t know if I will survive the wait!!  Argh!!!!!!  I must say though, Norman’s stripey socks on The Talking Dead were rather schnazzy.  I sure hope that Aaron didn’t lose his Alaska license plate–he was so happy to find it.  Or, if he did lose it during that whole zombie slam-dance mosh-pit from hell bit, I hope he gets it back.  I miss my show already.  Siiiiiigh.

So, an interesting thing happened at work the other night.  Apparently, some random chick decided to kind of…bump…our building with her car.  Which apparently wasn’t even HER car, it was her mom’s, and it was purchased so recently that it didn’t even have license plates yet, just that little paper thingy with the purchase date and the plates due date on it.  And not only did she bump the building, she also bumped into the metal cage thingy that holds our propane tanks.  Neither the building or the propane cage thingy got more than a few little scrapes, which apparently cannot be said for the car.  Apparently, the poor car’s bumper received one hell of a thrashing, which left it far less firmly attached than it had been prior to the bumping bit.  I keep saying apparently whenever I reference the car or its driver due to the fact that I never saw her or the car, since she didn’t feel the need to tell us about her little parking lot escapades.  Instead, we had a random nice lady that came in and tell us all about it.  We did let the cops know that there was a chick driving around town that probably should not be driving…ever.  (Besides bumping into the building, she also apparently almost clipped several vehicles on her way out of the parking lot.)  So that was all kinds of interesting and such.

In addition to the bad driver, I have also had the pleasure of dealing with 8 stinky stenchers, 3 bat-crap crazy folks, 4 snarky jerks, 3 complete idiots, 4 price-arguers, and 6 flat-out prick-bastards in the last 2 work days.  I truly loathe the general public.

Randomosity:  I wish I was stupid rich.  Hedgehogs are just kinda adorable.  I think I should take Lionel on another adventure soon–he’s feeling a bit cooped up.  I hope tomorrow night’s a better night at work than tonight was.  I’m so glad I’m getting my hair done soon!  I still think it would be bad-ass to get Undead Fred and get him a schnazzy shirt and a jaunty hat.  OMG!  AMC’s going to have another zombie show?!?!?!?!  Fear The Walking Dead is going to air this summer!  I think maybe I just died of happiness a little bit.  Is it just me, or is the clown in the new Poltergeist movie still freaky as hell?  Damn clowns.

Don’t pout but I’m out!


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