Home Sweet Home, Best Reason For A Return In The History Of Ever, The One Year Mark, And Further Frivolousness


So I made it home all safe and sound and such, so yay me!   And, aside from one little incident where I kinda went in the wrong direction for, like, 15 or 20 miles rights at off the bat, I totally didn’t get lost at all on the way home!  Between my little journey in the wrong direction and a bizarre delay in a construction zone (the bizarre bit being that we sat at a near total stand still for like 20 minutes even though there was absolutely no actual construction happening…not one little bit.  No idea why traffic just stopped for no apparent reason.), I did end up being a smidge late for work.  Okay, a lot late for work.  Like 45 minutes late.  Luckily, Gayle is awesome and stayed until I got there, which was truly actually beyond awesome of her, so huge thanks to her!!  I had such a great time–I cannot wait to go visit for longer this summer!

One of the houses I passed that were apparently damaged by a tornado.

One of the houses I passed that were apparently damaged by a tornado.

The so-called bridge I crossed...

The so-called bridge I crossed…

I really didn't dig this 'bridge'

I really didn’t dig this ‘bridge’

Chloe being super silly

Chloe being super silly

"Not pictures now Tantie!  I'm busy!"

“Not pictures now Tantie! I’m busy!”

This girl just loves to boogie :)

This girl just loves to boogie 🙂

Last night at work I was given the single best reason for returning something I have ever heard.  A man came in and purchased some coffee.  15 or 20 minutes later, he came in and wanted to return the coffee.  I asked him if he had purchased the wrong brand or what was wrong.  In complete seriousness, as casually as if he were discussing the weather, he says, “Nope.  Wife can’t drink it.  Makes her shit.”  Seriously, I thought I was going to choke on my liver I was laughing so hard.  Luckily, the laughter was staved off by stunned disbelief long enough that I didn’t start cracking up until after he had left.  It still makes me giggle.  And I can’t seem to stop saying “makes her shit” randomly, for no discernible reason.

Apparently, my blog’s birthday has arrived!  One year of mindless drivel slopped into cyberspace for all to behold!  Can y’all believe I’ve remembered to post blogs fairly frequently for a whole entire year??  And I have darn near 50 followers now!  Yay for my blog’s one year birthday!  And totally yay for so many followers and readers!  Thanks to all who actually read my ramblings and seem to find them at least mildly entertaining!

Randomosity:  It was awesome to get to see my Noodle today!  Come to think of it, it’s awesome that I have a friend that allows me to call her Noodle without punching me or anything.  Noodle’s rather fabulous like that.  I was kind of sad when I returned Pierre to my Asbys today…we have bonded so well after all.  But it’s all good, Pierre will be okay–I promised to try to visit as soon as I can.  My cat is being kind of beyond freaking adorable right now.  He’s sleeping on his pillow next to me, and he has his head propped against my shoulder and one of his paws wrapped around my arm.

Damn near vomitously adorable, ain't it?

Damn near vomitously adorable, ain’t it?

Do ramen noodles really take long enough to make that they merit that Rapid Ramen thing?  I am hoping and praying that I am able to go to the traveling Titanic exhibit in May.  I’ve been wanting to go for ages, and this is the first time it’s coming close enough for me to be able to go.  Hopefully, it won’t be ridiculously expensive and I’ll be able to get the day/night off work and I can find a way to get there, otherwise, I will be one whiny, crabby, unpleasant person, and trust me, nobody wants that.  I hope my appointment with my jackass pulminologist goes okay tomorrow.  Might help if I can refrain from actually calling him a jackass to his jackass-y face.  I think I have read over 20 Dean Koontz books in the last month or so, and I still haven’t read them all, darn it.  His books are kinda beyond amazingly awesome.  Kind of bummed it took me this long to discover their awesomeness.  I really, really, really, really, really hope my buddy Krystal will be coming back to work soon!  I had a chocolate marshmallow malt today and it was rather epically delicious.

Hang loose, moose!


6 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home, Best Reason For A Return In The History Of Ever, The One Year Mark, And Further Frivolousness

  1. caron

    Titanic is from Mayish untill Septemberish. I am totally going, Robin would also like to go, if ya’ll wanna chip in on gas, Torre will transport us. lemme see what Saturdays work for me with dany and such and we will make plans!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. longchaps2

    Well the great thing about coming on Koontz books now is you get to savor them. Yeah. The best part of discovering an amazingly awesome author. I hope your jackass pulminologist can give you some relief. Sounds like your cough is doing better at least. The road to recovery. At last. Oh, and congrats on your one year anniversary of your blog. Your story is inspiring and entertaining 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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