An Armadillo Sort Of Day, Documentaries Galore, I Was Totally All Social And Such, And Further Frivolities


So I went to a bunch of garage sales Saturday, which was groovy.  I do so love garage sales.  I got some pants and a couple Dean Koontz paperbacks and some other random stuff.  Included in the random bits were two armadillos–a little figurine armadillo and a Ty beanie armadillo.  I just had to get the little figurine ’cause it was so adorably bizarre and wacky and such.  And then, when I spotted the Ty beanie at a later sale, I had to get it ’cause what are the odds of finding two armadillos in one day?  I mean, seriously, armadillos are just not something a gal comes across every day.  At least not in Iowa anyway.

I’ve been watching more documentaries, which I know is totally shocking and all.  The first one I watched was quite educational.  It showed the woman with the largest natural breasts on record.  They were mind-blowingly ginormous.  They weighed over 80 pounds between the two of them, and she’s a size 102 ZZZ!  For craps sake, each breast is larger than the average 4 year old!  Can you imagine have knockers that big?!?  You could kill an innocent bystander just by turning too quickly!  Death by giant boob!  Anyway, the second documentary I watched had I chick with backwards hands and feet, a fella whose head permanently flops back and rests between his shoulder blades, and a guy who has the same thing the elephant man had.  Then yesterday, I watched a documentary about this horrifyingly hillbilly family that is the epitome of all that is wrong in the world.  It did make me feels all kinds of better about myself though, I must admit.  Oh yeah, and I watched a documentary about the KKK, which made me want to throw things and such.  Those people are so ignorant, it’s frightening.  And they make absolutely no sense.  They kept saying that they don’t hate black people or anyone else, but then they said that they want this country to go back to being a white, Christian nation the way it was in the beginning.  Which is absolutely bonkers, since all the white folks emigrated from other countries.  Have I mentioned how very much I dislike stupid people?

So yesterday I totally hung out with my Asbys for a bit!  They gave me uber nummy nachos for supper and we watched the hillbilly documentary.  I was totally social and such!  It was almost like I have a life or something!  I do so adore my Asbys!

Randomosity:  Allergy testing sucks.  It was nice to be told I’m not allergic to the planet after all–just cats and dust and ragweed.  Every time I get an allergy test, they tell me something different, which is baffling.  But I’m digging this whole being allergic to only three things idea.  I wonder what would happen if I started carrying a taser.  I’d probably end up in jail for tasing everyone who irritated me.  It would be awesome to be able to tase all the folks that make me want to punch them.  Why do so many big, rough-looking criminals end up hollering for their mama?  I find the idea of Donald Trump being president rather disturbing for some reason.  Probably ’cause of his hair.  Really, it’s rather unnerving.  This car commercial cracks me up–the one with the old dude and the Viagra.  Amusing stuff, that.

Gotta go, dingo!


4 thoughts on “An Armadillo Sort Of Day, Documentaries Galore, I Was Totally All Social And Such, And Further Frivolities

  1. longchaps2

    Oh man, I missed your posts. Been off the grid for awhile. Work has been KILLING all my time. I think a taser is a perfect Christmas idea for you. Maybe you should tase Donald Trump. I would certainly be on board with that. Oh, and for some reason Butler and I have started watching that show where they fix people with bad cosmetic surgeries. Oh Lord have we seen some large sized mammaries. One lady used hers to crush cans. She was a tv star. I would think there would be easier ways to make money? There are so many weirdo’s out there. Yeah, now that’s I’m thinking about it, maybe we should both put tasers on our Christmas list, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m behind on your posts too, so I totally understand how life tends to eat up all your time! Hopefully, I will get a chance to catch up soon too! Can crushing breasts, eh? Well, that’s……..different. Can honestly say that I just don’t want to be a boob-lebrity. Just not the sort of fame I’d want. And we definitely need tasers!

      Liked by 1 person

      • longchaps2

        Yeah. She made millions of dollars a year. Go figure. She decided not to through with the surgery because of her income. Yeah boob-lebrity is a good name for it, lol. Crazy.


  2. Fair warning, if you actually GET a taser you are expected to allow yourself to be tased (that’s totally a word, SPELL-CHECK!) so that you know what it feels like before randomly tasing (again, SPELL-CHECK, tasing is a real word!) stupid people. I think it just enhances the experience. This way, when they are writhing on the ground and wetting themselves you get to know just how excruciating it is and then you get to giggle at their pain. That last statement makes me sound a little twisted. I think there is something wrong with me, maybe…


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