A Battle With Yet Another Inanimate Object, I Was Totally Social And Such, Studied Sleep, And So Much More Pointlessness


While I was at work the other night, I had a rather unpleasant encounter with the machine that counts our money.  This machine is always a bit shady, but that night, it lost its damned mind!  As soon as I removed the 20s from the tray thingy, the machine starts tallying up the 50s in the tray…except there were no 50s there.  So I start trying to clear the info on the dumb machine, but it keeps telling me I have to empty the tray in order to reset anything.  So I start yelling at the machine, hollering, “There is nothing there you dumbass!  There is no $50 bill anywhere near you!  What the hell is wrong with you?  I swear I will smash you into a zillion pieces!”  This continued for several minutes until, finally, the stupid machine decided to stop counting invisible money and behave itself.  I’m pretty sure my threats largely influenced its decision.

I went to my nephew, Zaya’s, graduation party Sunday.  I whined a bunch about the fact that it was going to be outside, which means there will be heat and humidity and bugs and heat and bugs–yuck.  But it was Zaya, so I totally had to go.  And I started to freak out ’cause there would be lots of people there, which is never my favorite thing.  And then I started freaking out ’cause a lot of those folks are people I actually like, which means I actually care if I sound like a blathering idiot in front of them, which is almost a guarantee really, since I speak blathering idiot far more fluently than I speak semi-intelligent human.  And then I couldn’t figure out what to wear.  And then I realized I forgot to get him a card, so then I had to stop and get one when I was already running late. f By the time I actually got to the party, I was practically hyperventilating and over an hour late.  But I think I did okay once I pried myself out of the car and plodded my way up to where everyone was sitting.  I totally talked to people and had some food and gave Zaya his presents, which I think he rather liked.  And Zaya seemed to think his friends approved of his fave obnoxious aunt, so yay for teen approval!  And I really only had one moment where my mouth started spewing forth something my brain was desperately trying to stop me from saying.  Fortunately, I did not end up offending anyone badly enough to get my ass kicked, so there’s that.  I think maybe Tom’s self-sacrificial information sharing bit saved me there–thanks pal!

I went in for my sleep study thing last night, which was about as fun as it sounds.  They hook all these wires and such to your head and face and neck and chest and legs, then stick these annoying little prickly prongy things up your nose and clamp stuff on your finger and tell you to just sleep like normal.  Yeah.  Right.  But I did manage to fall asleep.  Then the lady woke me up to have me sleep on my back for a while.  I do not sleep on my back.  Ever.  So then I had to try to fall back asleep while I was all kinds of uncomfy and slightly snarky about being woken up.  But I finally managed to fall asleep once again.  And then she woke me up again.  To ask me to sleep on my back.  Again.  I finally fell back to sleep.  And then she woke me up to let me know the study was over and I could go home.  Siiiiigh.

Randomosity:  I don’t understand how people can eat oysters.  They look like snot in a shell for crying out loud–yuck!  I really need to paint my toenails.  Less than 2 weeks until I go see the fam!  Yay for Chloe/Tantie time!  I can’t wait!  I wonder WTH is going on with my blog visits today.  I am totally NOT complaining or anything, but I had over 70 views today, which is hella more than than 4 I had yesterday.  Weird.  Groovy as hell, but weird.  Minions are just beyond awesome.  I wonder if we’ll get a storm tonight or if it’ll just be more rain.

Check ya later, gator!


One thought on “A Battle With Yet Another Inanimate Object, I Was Totally Social And Such, Studied Sleep, And So Much More Pointlessness

  1. longchaps2

    Intimidation of inanimate objects is by far the best way to go. Sometimes I use force, like a hammer, or chair leg. They usually come around after a couple swift clobberings. If not, well then, things don’t go well for them. I hope you get some help with your sleep apnea. Butler just went through the test himself. We are waiting on results. He said they didn’t wake him up during the test so he doesn’t think he has it. Interesting, cause he spasmodically kicks like a mule all night. Something ain’t right with him.

    Liked by 1 person

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