My Cat’s A Big Ol’ Wussy, Damn Peer Pressure Anyway, Totally Not What I wished For Exactly, And Other Delightful Dumblings (Like Rumblings Only Dumber)


So we got to kitten-sit this past weekend, which was nifty.  It was my little cousin’s kitten, Wasabi, and he was, like, the cutest little teeny tiny kitten!  He’s still super little–they found him in their yard but there was no sign of the momma kitty.  So he still gets the nursing replacement stuff and is so fracking adorable and tiny and such.  So anyway, Wasabi arrived sometime while I was at work Friday and he went home Saturday afternoon-ish.  My cat, big brave beastie he is, spent the entire time either hiding under my aunt and uncle’s bed or sulking in my room.  Every time he saw Wasabi, he would hiss and try to run away.  Yes folks, my 23.5 pound cat was terrified of a kitten smaller than most of his litter box deposits!  Seriously, you would’ve thought it was a full grown tiger or something.  Only my cat…siiiigh.

My good old buddy, Justin, is on vacation this week, and his wife is having a girls week, which means he’s pretty much been left to entertain himself for the whole week.  I had Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday off, and somehow I got wrangled into spending the day with him yesterday.  THE WHOLE DAY.  He decided he wanted to go to Adventureland–our state’s very own little amusement park.  He was all whining about how he really wanted to go but Libby (his wife) wouldn’t go with him and he wouldn’t be able to go if I wouldn’t go with him.  I agreed to go fairly quickly, which may seem strange but you have no idea how annoyingly persistent my dear friend can be.  Seriously, I figured it was easier to just skip the whole wheedling and whining and all that and get to the part where I just give in.  Turns out, I’m glad I did.  I had a lot of fun!  I haven’t been there in years and I forgot how much fun it is.  We went on the rides we wanted, spent a while in the water park, chillin on the lazy river and the wave pool, then went on some more rides before we finally headed home.  We were both extremely pleased to discover that we haven’t become so old and such that we’d get sick on the rides or anything like that.  Although, we both decided that either the Tornado roller-coaster is getting much more lurchy and bumpy and such over time, or if we’re getting a bit wimpy in our old age.  Considering how old the coaster is, it really could go either way.  But we both ended up having a lot of fun, so it was a total YAY! sort of day overall.

On a sad side note: I was super sad to find out that Caron and I will never be able to go on the log ride and drench each other again–the park is retiring our ride at the end of this summer! 😦

I have been whining a bit this summer over the lack of time I have gotten to spend in the sun.  Seriously, I make Casper look rather tan y’all.  So I was rather psyched to be spending time at the park yesterday and catching some rays and all.  I was especially excited to spend some sun-time in the water park.  Yeah…turns out I should have been a tad more specific when I was wishing for some enough sun-time to finally get some color.  Admittedly, I did totally get some color, which rocks.  Unfortunately, the color I got is bright fricking red instead of a nice golden tan sort of color, which sucks ass.  Yeah, my shoulders, back and chest are totally sunburned.  Luckily, it’s nowhere near the worst sunburn I’ve ever had (right Caron??), so I’ll survive.  Heck, maybe I’ll even end up with a smidge of tan coloring when this stupid sunburn goes away.  Here’s hoping!

Randomosity:  I am totally going to learn to shoot a gun tomorrow!!  It’s going to be awesome!  Oh, and just to give those of you who know me well enough to be a tad worried about me wielding a gun, I’ll make you feel even more unnerved–Justin’s teaching me!!  LMAO.  I can’t believe I’m getting paid to drunk-sit Saturday!  It almost makes it worth risking my life by riding in a golf cart with Justin again…almost.  I can’t decide if I should give in and subscribe to Kindle Unlimited or not.  I still have some stuff I haven’t read yet on my Kindle, but it seems like every time I read one of those books, I end up having to buy the next book in the series (not that I knew they were parts of series when I bought them of course), or I end up all miffed because the next book is, like, $5 and I’m too cheap to buy it because if it ends up being sucky I’ll be totally pissed that I spent more than a dollar or two on it.  I wonder why Kermit finds Miss Piggy attractive, seeing as how she’s a different species and a bit high maintenance to boot.  This sunburn would be way more bearable if my legs had gotten even a fraction of the coloring my shoulders got. especially since I made a point of keeping my poor, pathetically pale legs in the sun as much as possible, darn it!

Sayonara, capybara!


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