I May Have To Hate The Walking Dead…But Maybe Not, My DVR May Be A Tad Bizarre, And Other Random Ramblings


Spoiler Alert!  Do Not Read This Bit If You Have Not Watched The Latest Episode Of The Walking Dead!!!!!

twd s6

Okay so, what the entire fucking fuck?!?  Seriously?!?  Have I somehow wronged the Gods?  Why would my beloved Walking Dead do such a cruel, vile thing?  Is he dead?  Is he somehow miraculously alive?  He was at the top of my list of those who cannot die, dammit!  And, honestly, my list of untouchables isn’t all that long: Glenn, Darryl, Michonne, and probably Maggie, since she’s basically an extension of Glenn.  I like Rick and sCarol and the others but, honestly, they just don’t quite make my list.  So it just isn’t fair that they (probably) took out one of my few untouchables!  Glenn just can’t die!  It is totally unacceptable!  And then to leave us wondering and hoping and doubting and pondering!  Siiiigh…they seriously need to fix this shit.

I was scrolling through my recordings on the DVR and I had to giggle.  I have episodes of Chopped and episodes of America’s Next Top Model then a couple Dead Men Talking and then and old fave movie from when I was a kid, Cloak and Dagger.  Then I have a cheesy horror flick and a doc about Hiroshima and then some Whose Line Is It Anyway.  If people could see the weird combo of stuff I inevitably end up DVR-ing every week, they would probably be a tad baffled.  Horribly cheesy reality tv mixed with searing documentaries mixed with tacky 80’s flicks or pathetic horror movies with a side of Walking Dead awesomeness.  Totally whack-a-do.  Totally me!


being sued for 2 million for starting fire while cooking squirrel w blow torch...rawr

I have to say I’m rooting for Nyle, the deaf model on America’s Next Top Model.  Not only is he a pretty darn good model, he has no cochlear implant and is always trying to show the other models signs.  Why do they say monkey business?  Monkeying around?  Monkey wrench?  What’s up with the monkey obsession?  Sometimes I think it would be kinda awesome to go live in the UK for a couple years, just so I’d have a chance to end up with a nifty accent.  I wish I had more quirky socks.  I miss my old cat, Galli…but I’m super glad that he lives with Stacey and Nia and that he’s totally beyond happy there.  Strangely, I don’t think Dart misses him…weird.  I think it’s time to Skype with the Chloe girl.

Laters, gators!


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