Hanging With My Best Buddy And Coughing Our Faces Off Together,An Awesomely Bookish Sort Of Christmas, And Other Rambly Rubbish


So I have been visiting with the fam since Christmas day, which totally rocks.  My poor little Chloe has been sick (she was sick when I got here so I totally did NOT get her sick).  We spent several days coughing our faces off and bonding over the miseries of being sick.  She went to the doctor yesterday though, got some antibiotics and such, and she is now feeling MUCH better.  In fact, she is attitude chatting with her invisible friend Guy and dancing as I write this.  I think they may be talking smack about me, but I can’t be sure.  Oh, she just informed me that she is an ACTRESS and needs respect.  My little diva would like me to note that she really loves chocolate ice cream…just ’cause you should know this.

I have had an oh so awesomely bookish sort of Christmas this year.  I got my Bloggess book and a Barnes and Noble gift card and a Kindle gift card and a Half Price Books gift card!!!!!  I have, like, 50 new books!!!!  Seriously, what could be better than that?!?!?  I have a book about the Lusitania and one about a bunch of tornadoes that hit during the 70’s and, of course, a bunch of zombie books, and a couple biographies and so many more!  It’s okay to be jealous, I totally understand.


I love the part in Chicken Little where they say “Who we talkin’ ’bout” every time they are buried in awkwardness.  My new minion blanket is really quite adorable, especially since Bob’s on it.  Geese sure do seem to poop a lot.  I suppose it isn’t really surprising to anyone that I would come up with something like Paco the Latino paralegal Paraplegic platypus and Chico the L.A. gang-banger spider.

Gotta go, Dino!


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