The Life Of A Recluse, Reading Should Totally Be An Olympic Sport, And Other Randomosities


I think it’s safe to say that I am something of a recluse.  I mean, if I had my way, I’d pretty much live in the middle of nowhere and never have to leave my house.  Alas, that is just not an option for me, seeing as how I’m all kinds of broke and pathetic and such.  Instead, I spend as much of my life as possible holed up in my room, reading and watching t.v. and chilling with my cat.  I do not go out beyond the necessary trips to the store and things like that.  Hell, I’m not even all that good about calling folks to keep in touch or whatever.  In my mind, this is perfectly acceptable behavior.  I have been informed, however, that this is actually ‘unhealthy’ or some such babble.  Apparently, some folks believe everyone should be sociable and outgoing and whatnot.  I just don’t see the appeal myself.  Why on earth would I choose social activity over reading?  That is just ridiculously unrealistic.  Books totally trump people, y’all.

I think reading should be an Olympic event.  Seriously, there should be medals awarded for reading massive amounts of books.  I think that I would be a shoo-in for the gold myself.  I would rock the hell out of Olympic reading, y’all.  And I wouldn’t even have to wear one of those sporty leotard thingies either, which is preferable for all parties involved really.


Why are houses always haunted by mean ghosts?  Why aren’t there any Casper sort of ghosties haunting folks?  Like, how nifty would it be to see a show about a family being haunted by a ghost that just wants to hang out with them…maybe watch some t.v. or have a nice long chat about life and un-life and such.  And why on earth do people insist on staying in a house if their mean ghost tells them to get out?  If some creepy disembodied voice told me to get out and behaved all unfriendly and such, my ass would be GONE.  Total Amittyville type gone–leave the house and most of your shit and just skedaddle.  If Bigfoot is out there, how come none of the folks on all these finding Bigfoot shows never find him?  And would the shows end if they did?  That’d be nice…those shows are stupid.  I hope it snows tomorrow.  I think it would be cool to live in Alaska, as long as you had indoor plumbing, which is not always a given there.  I mean, not many people if you live outside of a town, and for several months of the year you not only aren’t expected to leave your house, you really can’t!  I could totally be jiggy with that.  And I totally wouldn’t end up getting eaten by grizzly bears like that one dumb bear fella did, since I have a nice, healthy respect for the fact that they are not pets and they can and will eat me…in other words, I am appropriately chicken-shit when it comes to bears.  Does it count as being social or whatever if my cousin comes over to hang out most Sunday nights?  I think it counts, but since it still allows me not to leave my room, I’m not positive.  Oh well, close enough for me.

Gotta go, dingo!


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