Employed Once Again,Unicorn Glitter And A Busted Can Of Biscuits, And Other Blah Blah Blah Stuff


So I am officially employed again.  Yay for paychecks and no more unemployment crap and all that!  So far my new job seems alright.  I work at a gas station, so it’s not actually that much different than the last job really…registers, customers, mopping floors, etc.  I am not looking forward to making foodage, which I will have to start doing at some point, but I’ll live.  And the gals at work are all in agreement that I will not be expected to go anywhere near the food stuffs during those times when I am coughing my face off and sounding decidedly unwell, which is a huge relief.  And I do get free fountain drinks and coffee while I’m there…and 1/2 price deli food (yay for cheese balls and tenderloins!!!)  The gals I work with seem pretty awesome, with one or two exceptions of course.  But overall, I think it will be better than the last job…probably a lot.  It makes such a huge difference to work for an actual person instead of a corporation.

I have heard a couple new sayings from my new co-workers that absolutely amused the hell out of me.  One gal explained that she HAS to dye her hair to cover the unicorn glitter…which I think may be one of the most awesome ways of referring to grey hair in the history of ever.  Then one gal mentioned having a muffin-top issue and another gal snorted and said muffin-tops aren’t shit and she herself looked like “a busted can of biscuits”.  I laughed my ass off over that one.


I love snow but I hate when it gets super cold out like it was today.  My aunt insists that if I like snow I can’t complain about the cold, which is obviously total crap, since i can complain about whatever I darn well please.  Entertaining bizarrely random fact–I hate makeup.  I pretty much never wear the stuff.  I had to do allergy testing again last week, which meant going two weeks without my Zyrtec and a week without Benedryl, which means I was one big miserable mass of itchiness for the 4 or 5 days before the test.  Aaaaand, shock surprise, I’m allergic to a bunch of shit.  Some trees, some grass, corn smut (totally snickered and such over that one), cockroaches, horses, 2 kinds of dust mites, cats, etc.  No real surprises there.  But I had to get the test done in order to see if I can get allergy shots so maybe I won’t have so many damn issues with my stupid allergies.  I should find out fairly soon if that’s gonna happen.  Next week, I have to go get tested for carpal tunnel.  In case you have never experienced this delightful test, they hook your arms up to these electrode thingies and basically electrocute the shit outta you.  Yeah, it’s about as much fun as it sounds.  But I have to get it done to see if they can fix this stupid numbness/pain shit in my hands.  Sigh.  I should probably eat some dinner.

Peace out, trout!


2 thoughts on “Employed Once Again,Unicorn Glitter And A Busted Can Of Biscuits, And Other Blah Blah Blah Stuff

  1. caron

    Im mad at you….. not even a teeny tiny honerable mention about spending the day with Dany and I, learning about ice cream and guacamole. ..sniffle, sigh, sob


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