I’m Afraid My Mind Is Going…


Okay folks, I have made a grievous error.  I was certain that I had told y’all about my day with my buddy Caron and my adorable niece Dany.  Apparently, I did not do any such thing.  I spent a whole day jabbering with one of my oldest friends and chilling with the amazing Dany, and I totally didn’t blog about it!  Seriously, I was positive I had done so.  Since I didn’t, I will do so now.  My buddy Caron and I managed to talk for hours and get all caught up and such, which was awesome.  And Dany cracked me up with some decidedly whacky dances.  I now know what the hell the nene thing is, which, I have to admit, I had been completely baffled about.  Though I am now left with a whole new level of bafflement as to why on earth this dance/song thing seems so popular, since it seems downright ridiculously bizarre and pointless to me.  And I was disturbed my some weird song about ice cream and guacamole, which just is not an acceptable combination in my opinion.  And then I confirmed once again that my buddy Caron is WAY shorter than me, which I totally know but sometimes forget.  I held up a dress she had and discovered that I would be arrested for indecent exposure if I tried to wear it in public considering it didn’t even cover my lower lady bits, let alone my backside!  Like, seriously, I wouldn’t even be comfortable in a shirt that short!  But on my oh-so-short friend, it was properly covering and such.  And then there was the shoes.  The vile, deadly, evil shoes.  She had this pair of heels that she wore with the aforementioned dress and, dude, they were insane!  They had, like, zillion inch heels and these puny looking strappy bits and, since I’m rather awesome at bad ideas, I decided I HAD to try them on.  I almost died y’all.  I didn’t even make it 2 steps before I was hollering for Caron to help me get off those deadly things.  Apparently, I am simply not made for that sort of torture device…I mean, shoe.  As a reward for not dying on the heels, we totally had Chick-fill-a for dinner, which is one of may absolute faves!  And then I got to see rodeo protesters on the drive home, which was a first for me, since I have never attended a rodeo or driven by the location of one near showtime.  Oh, and I got to see Caron’s new digs, which I can totally see her making all homey and such.  I can’t wait to get to hang with them again.  It’s always awesome, and it’s sad that we just never have much time to do it more often.

A normal post should be coming in the next couple days…probably after the return of my beloved Walking Dead.  Laters!


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