Quite Possibly The Best Walking Dead Episode EVER, An Awesome Gift, And Other Delightful Pointlessness


So I am pretty sure that Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead was the best episode ever.  Explosions and badassery (that’s totally a word spellcheck…you’re just stupid) and zombies galore and gruesome deaths and awesome reunions–just fricking AH-MAZING!!  Seriously, I was freaking out one minute, then totally all psyched the next.  At one point, I even did that thing where you cover your eyes ’cause you just can’t watch, but totally peek ’cause you just need to see.  Just a warning–I am totally going to ramble about some specifics now, so skip to the next section if you haven’t watched it or whatever.  Okay, so OMG, right?!?  Glenn gets finally makes it back and almost dies but is saved in, like, the most awesome way ever and then he finally gets reunited with Maggie!  And Darryl blows up some bad guys in epic fashion!  And the townsfolk finally stop being dead weight wussies and the wolfman showed a tiny slice of humanity before being executed and Carl’s now gonna need an eye-patch and the whiny little loser kid and his psycho sibling finally became zombie chow and, sadly, so did their mom/Rick’s potential woman.  And then there was the whole lake of fire bit.  Seriously.  Best.  Episode.  Ever.

My pal Krystal gave me the most adorable present!


It’s Bob the minion!  Isn’t it adorable?!?  With his little teddy bear (Tim) and his little overalls!  And he talks!  I am totally dork-out delighted with my adorable new stuffed creature.  Every time I walk by, I push his tummy or push his bear’s tummy or squeeze his hand, and then giggle like a school girl as he babbles his minion-speak.


I swear I am a grown up, yet I had no qualms about purchasing 4 chocolate eggs the other day because I wanted the tiny little Bob the minion figurine that might be enclosed in one of them.  But I did totally get a Bob figurine, so really that’s all that matters.  I do owe Robby kudos for assisting me in unearthing the minion stuff from the chocolate and plastic and such, so thanks and stuff!  I watched another short documentary tonight that was about bath salts.  And, once again, I am baffled and all I could think was, “WHY???”.  What the hell makes anyone want to try this stuff?  Like, did they see the reports about people freaking out or maybe the bit about the guy WHO ATE SOME GUYS FACE OFF and think, “well gosh that might be cool”??  Seriously people, it made someone EAT A MAN’S FACE OFF.  To my mind, this should make it rather painfully obvious that this is not good stuff.  Any drug that makes folks think cannibalism might be a fun alternative to a happy meal is not good.  Quite simple, really.  Just say no.  I’m getting rather worn out from working so many hours, but it’s just until I finish training.  So I’ll live.  Oh, I almost forgot!  I went and got electrocuted today.  I had the whole carpal tunnel test thingy done, which is just totally delightful.  They electrocute your arms and then stick a needle in your hand or arm or wrist and it’s just an awesome good time.  So, shock surprise, I have carpal tunnel.  At this point it’s mild (fricking feels a tad more on the my-damn-hand-hurts end of the spectrum in my humble opinion, but what do I know) so she said I don’t totally need the surgery done now.  Which would be great and all, except that my stupid hand will just keep getting worse over time, it won’t just magically stop being stupid and annoying.  So, to me, it seems ludicrous to wait until it gets even worse to get it fixed…why not fix it now, before it gets even suckier?!?  (that’s a completely legit word, spellcheck…you’re an asshole)

Peace out, trout!


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