Worst Blogger In The History Of Ever, Bedazzled…What?, Countdown ‘Till Car, And Other Bizarre Babblings


So I am apparently the most atrociously despicable blogger ever.  I honestly didn’t realize just how long it had been since my last post!  When I saw that it has been, like, a month, I was shocked.  And appalled.  And then I figured I better get crackin’ and write a post.  I’m honestly not sure why I went so long between posts.  Maybe nothing happened that seemed all that interesting and blog-worthy.  Or maybe I was being lazy and feeling all un-bloggish and such.  Who knows?  Regardless, I do apologize and will be sure to try and do better and blog more frequently and stuff.

I heard something very interesting today, so interesting that I goggled it as soon as I got home and settled in.  I mean, what would you do if you heard of something called vajazzling?  Apparently this is some form of cooter creativity or something.  I couldn’t believe that it is perfectly acceptable to stick shiny little jewel thingies to your Vee and the surrounding area.  Like, seriously, what is wrong with people?  Adding bling to your vagina?  Just tacky y’all.Oh, and as an added bonus, you have to get a complete Brazilian wax before jazzing up your lady part!  Yay for horrendously painful mutilation endured solely for the purpose of making your lady garden sparkly!  Seriously, people are just plain batshit crazy.

I’m getting a car this weekend, which is kinda exciting and kinda terrifying at the same time.  It’s exciting because, well, it’s a car!  No more begging to borrow other folks’ cars or ask for rides–total win!  It’s terrifying because, as many people know, cars hate me.  I’ve had cars that overheated constantly, cars that had no tail lights or inside lights, cars with stupid windows that wouldn’t roll down which of course happened in summer time and of course the car didn’t have AC, cars that had no heat, cars that died if the weather was too warm only to just start right back up a short while later as though nothing happened, etc etc etc.  Anywho, I pick up the car on Saturday and spend the day with the fam!  And Chloe will finally get to see our dear cousin Robby in person for the first time, which she is very excited about!  Can’t wait!


I can’t believe I didn’t even write about the finale of TWD!  It was totally amazing and insane and stressful and awesome and irritating all at the same time.  I honestly don’t know how I’ll make it ’til October and the next season!  I’ve been posting a lot more crap on FB lately, primarily because I’ve been finding all sorts of stuff that amuses me in my news feed and then I share it so I can go back on my timeline and find it amusing again at a later date.  I am having trouble fitting any more books on my bookshelves, which you would think would convince me that I am pretty much out of room so No More Books!  But then…well…books happen and I end up creatively shifting stuff around and making room for more books.  Hopefully I’ll sleep better tonight–I’m sick of being tired but unable to sleep.  Have I mentioned that I don’t much care for spring?  Everyone else is all, “yay for spring”, and I’m all “ugh make it be winter again”.  From spring to late fall, I will be all kinds of sniffling and snoffling and coughing and wheezing and miserable.  My asthma will be all snarky and temperamental and stupid and I will be avoiding nature like the plague.  Sigh.

Gotta go, dingo!