Foxygen-Free Blogging


I have a new favorite comment in regards to the folks that religiously drink the Fox news kool-aid–they’re inhaling the Foxygen.  Laughed my bahookey off over that one.  Thank you Sierra, for sharing this bit of awesomeness!  

Went to the wedding today and it was pretty entertaining, which weddings so rarely are.  Sierra and Elise read this very amusing poem thingy that mentions things like three-ways and alien and zombie apocalypses.  Chloe was absolutely an ADORABLE flower girl–she didn’t even throw flowers at anyone or anything!  Carrie’s dress was really cool, and I ended up having a lot more fun than I normally do with so many people around.  Carrie’s grandma and aunt are a hoot!  It was so cute–before the ceremony, Chloe was standing in the doorway, waiting for her moment.  As she was standing there, she kept waving and blowing me kisses the whole time.  Got to spend a lot of time hanging out with her after the ceremony.  So glad I got to go today!  Wouldn’t have traded seeing my nieces looking so dolled up and beautiful for anything.

Daily randomosity:  Today I saw a rather fluffy woman in rather skimpy clothing walking rather rapidly through the hotel parking lot.  That in and of itself was attention-drawing.  The fact that she was also “walking” a teeny tiny little dog, which actually translates to dragging the poor little pooch along as it’s tiny little legs tried to keep up and his eyes stared at the woman in baffled displeasure.  I also saw a bunch of folks checked in several doors down crowd several people into 2 rooms.  What really got me though, was the number of little dogs they also had crammed into the rooms with them–I saw at least 5.  I think I left my camera at Carrie’s house, darn it!  Cops marathons…a surefire way to feel better about yourself!  I’m a bit concerned…at the reception thingy tonight, they did that whole catch the bouquet thing, and I took Chloe over to participate, which actually equals watching from a safe distance.  So I’m standing there and Chloe starts to freak a bit because it was a bit noisy.  I lean over and I’m talking to her and trying to be comforting and such, and I don’t even notice that Carrie threw the bouquet.  As I am talking to Chlo I look down and see the frickin’ bouquet RIGHT NEXT TO MY FOOT.  I jumped away from that thing as fast as possible while saying, “Nononono!  I don’t want it!  Didn’t catch it!”  I was then informed that it was mine and that I had to pick it up.  So I picked it up and gave it to Chloe and told her she won, all excited-like and hurried back to my seat.  I totally think it shouldn’t count, since I so didn’t catch it or whatever.  But it seemed like everyone else felt it counted as catching the stupid bouquet.  Darn it.

Night All!!



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